Dec 22, 2008


So, Sunday night was the big pagent. Anora has been practicing for weeks. I and Jeremy have been vollenteering to help for weeks. And now, it's DONE! I was real sceptical if they could pull it off, but they did. Anora played Mary, and had 2 lines at the beginging. I appologize for the poor quality. Between low batteries, and a caring inexperienced friend, it didn't turn out too well.
All the kids did well. We had 2 boys get snowed away, drifted into their homes. They were missed.
I'm sure I'll have much more to report after Christmas. Anora is home for a couple weeks for the holidays. I'll have more time for updates when she stays at my folks'.
God bless, and stay safe in the snow.

Dec 15, 2008

10 Lords a leaping or is that "Batteries Not Included"

So, I've got kinda big news. Last night Anora learned to tie her shoes. I think she was tired of us telling her she can't read and can't reach, and can't tie, I think she decided to fix one of those things. Jeremy showed her on his big boots first and then she moved onto her small shoes. She still needs a little practice before wearing tie shoes all the time. But she was so excited! And so were we.

She is also trying to memorize a line for the Christmas pageant too. She is excited, and knows most of it. She has the beginning, and remembers the end from last year. But she gets a little lost around the middle.

We've been doing a lot of church stuff this week. Kids Klub/Christmas program. Jeremy is doing sound and Shannon is doing props and costumes with Betti. And then we had supper there last Wed and this Wed.

We got snowed away from our Christmas party for Moms 4 Moms last week so we're trying to reschedule. We may get snowed out again.

That is about all for this week. It's been busy and tiring.

God bless you, and stay warm.

Dec 2, 2008

it's begining to look a lot like Christmas

This has been a couple of crazy weeks for the Wilsons.
Anora went home with my parents on Thanksgiving and came home on Sat am. Leaving me free as a bird or a jolly old elf on black friday. I shopped from 11-7! A full day's work. I felt like it when I was done too. But I found somethings I had given up on, and I even took some time for myself browsing the fabric store. Then Jeremy and I went out for a nice Tai dinner, and then shop for the shortest members of the family, Anora and the cat. It was fun. Parking was never too bad, and even shopping wasn't bad. I skipped all the early morning crazienss.
Then Mom and Dad brought Anora home, and we went out to breakfast. Then home, to decorate for Christmas. Jeremy even took time to install an outside outlet! We've wanted one for a long time, but he had the time and money, and motivation Saturday to do it. Then Sat night we sat down to a Thanksgiving meal for the 3 of us. Turkey, sweet potatos, stuffing, cranberries, and cream corn. Yum, so far we've had turkey soup, creamed turkey, and turkey salad for left overs, and froze some for later!
Then Monday I was happy to shovel everyone off to school and work!
Today I helped at a memorial for a friend of mine's mom. She passed away last week. It was a beautiful service. Death still makes me nervou, and all I know to do is clean and organize.
Anora will be home any moment... God bless

Nov 17, 2008


Well, I don't even know why I'm posting. I have cleaning and sewing to be done, but I just want to update on health.
Anora is going to the Dr. this afternoon. She still has a cough haning on, it's been 2 weeks now. I'm praying it' nothing serious, just haning on a while.
I'm feeling better phsyically. I was sick this past Tues, Wed and recovered Thur. You don't want details on that! I still a little down brown. Just blah. I'm having a hard time getting excited about much of anything.
The highlight of the weekend was a mini movie marathon. We watched Pirates of the Carribean 1 and 2. #3 is still waiting for us. Those are almost too long to watch after bedtime.
We'll I'm off to mend a stuffed poney.
God Bless

Nov 10, 2008

here's what's new

I shouldn't tease you with a title like that. Very little is new.
Pat (Jeremy's Mom) and Willie (step dad) just left after a fantastic visit.
They arrived Thur night, and left Monday morning. We didn't do anything too special. Just hung around here mostly. They went to church with us, and then shopping yesterday. It was relaxing, and a parental recharge for me. Anora and her got along real well. I feel like I'm doing something right.

Saturday, we went to a wedding of a cousin. Anora was the flower girl. I'll have to post some pictures.

Several people have asked how Anora is feeling. Well let me tell you, she's changing quick. Last Sunday the 2nd, she had cold symptoms, but then ran a fever of 102. Yikes. So she stayed home and then missed School on Monday to recover. But then on Tuesday she went back. But she wasn't there long. She and her friend bonked heads and she cried and worked up another fever. That didn't last long, when she got home her temp was back down on it's own. But I couldn't exactly take her back to school. So the answer is, she is fine, just has a cough haning on still.
Hope you can spend good time with family too.

Nov 3, 2008

tidy up a little

I don't have any major news, or anything fantastic to report. But I'll report none the less.
Saturday, we raked a few leaves, then went Christmas shopping. We got a lot of people taken care of. And we made arrangements for Anora to visit Grandma & Grandpa after thanksgiving, to finish the shopping. That Friday will be freakishly quiet. I'll have to find something to do.

Anora has been fighting a cough and sniffles since Wed, and finally Sunday it caught up with her. She couldn't find the will to get ready for church. And low and behold she had a temp of 102. So she and I stayed home from church yesterday. She slept a lot. Today she seems fine, but is home anyway. She's catching up on her cartoons. I'm hoping to get her some fresh air and call this illness done.

In a few days we're expecting Jeremy's mom. I can't wait. She is so understanding. And Anora gets a long well with her. I think it'll be fun.

Please pray for a friend and mentor.
God Bless you!

Oct 27, 2008


I celebrated my birthday on Friday! It was great! Jeremy & Anora were both surgary sweet. After Jeremy got home from work I got to open my presents. Anora got me a clock that looks like an electric coffee pot, and some candles (yummy). And then Jeremy got me a under counter radio, it's nice and even has a remote control. My secret sister gave me 2 really inspiring books and a pretty towel and basket.

You know I never cared what things looked like or smelled like. Suddenly I'm becoming girly. I like soft things, candles, lotions, smells. Huh, this is what it's like to be a woman?

then for dinner we went to Buffalo wild wings. I loved it, big beer and big screen hockey. We couldn't hear it, but at least I got to see some. I liked the food too.

Then Saturday we used the nice weather to winterized outside. We put away a lot of our funiture, and drainted and winterized the camper. We only used it twice. How disapointing!
Sunday I was all grumpy, and the house was a mess so we stayed home and cleaned and read. Just had a quiet day.

Jeremy was busy with our computer though. Recently we copied and saved anything we might need and then deleted and reinstalled Windows. We've has some problems and successes since then. Sunday he did a lot of re installing and getting our programs back up and going. Then we couldn't use our old firefox browser. It just kept crashing. Jeremy downloaded and installed a new browser, and I think I'm in love. Opera is it's name. And it is user friendly, and super quick. Now I just need to figure out how to get a spell checker! Sorry for any excess of mis-spells.

God Bless you, don't blow away!

Oct 18, 2008


What a circle this week has been. Full of returns.
The most pressing to me is Coffee. I've had my first cup of coffee today since last Saturday! It feels so good. I was trying to get off it, and I'll still (try to)stay off it, but it's official. I'm addicted! Headache, muscle tense, agitated!

On Thursday, I made a return to our Library. The week before school started I returned all we had, knowing it would take us a while to get into a routine. I think we'll have time to visit the Library on Thursdays now. So I went to the Library on Thursday to get an arm load of books, CD's, and DVD's. I walked though, so I had to put back, or return, 1/2 of my armload. But it was nice being there again.

Friday had returns at Walmart. I went to get a few things, including material and notions for some skirts I want to make. I found the perfect materials. The zippers, and pretties, but couldn't find the hooks I need. So I had to return all the pretty material. No sense in giving them my good money when I'll still have to go to another store anyway. So sad.

The return of a big TV in our living room! A week or so ago our TV blew up, smoky wiring and all. So we waited till Jeremy got paid, and we invested in a nice new TV. It's really nice!!!
But, no more than we got a new TV on Thursday, we have to replace the heating element of our oven!! So Jeremy picked up a new one on the way to work this morning.

And our mattress goes back to the company sometime this week. We've had it just over a year, and the springs are out of place, and a seam is coming out. So a lady from the company came yesterday to look at it. So it'll be returned too.

This afternoon we look to return to Aunt Janet's cabin. It's been so long since we've been there. We'll be having a bon-fire and time with loved ones.

I pray you are all around your loved ones today too.

Let's see the TV was 11 years old, and the oven is 7 years old, I think our appliances have hit middle age, and are dieing early deaths.

Oct 13, 2008

An immperfect mommy

We went out to an event and dinner with some friends recently. We took Anora. She’d been behaving so well lately, I didn’t think too much of it. But unfortunately I never stopped long enough to consider her feelings or that she was in desperate need of a nap. She was so tired; she couldn’t control her body or emotions. I was completely embarrassed.
The last time she acted that way in front of company, I was called out on it. Though they said they understood, they really didn’t. They believed that this behavior was common in our house, and wasn’t accepted well.
Now, months later she has behaved the same. And though they are good friends and I believe they understood, I’m gun shy and embarrassed. As the night continued and her behavior escalated, I got more embarrassed and upset.
Finally the next morning I could think a little clearly. I was so worried about what people thought of my parenting skills and my household, and my family; I was blaming Anora for my embarrassment. I was, and have been for months, expecting her to be perfect all the time, no matter her mood. That wasn’t fair. If I keep expecting perfect all the time, and I keep getting so worked up, I’ll maker her as neurotic and Jeremy and I are. And I want better for her. I don’t want her thinking, “what will other people think” all the time. Or “no one can see my faults”.
I have apologized to Anora for taking her out when she didn’t want to, and to our friends, for my frantic behavior. And I’ve asked God to help me relax.
I pray you accept your kids’ faults; I’ll try.

Oct 4, 2008

a day to complaine

While I have my health, and a lovely family. There is always something to complain about.
The network television has overlooked a downfall of the current economy. In all our downsizing, we've cut out our satellite. While we rarely miss it, I'm totally jonesing for some special programing.
In particular, HOCKEY'S CENTER ICE PACKAGE! Hockey season is about to start, a celebrated time in our house. But we have no view of it this year. It's the first time in 4 years we won't be seeing hockey. I'm a little lost. While all of our church programs get started, and we have family bonding nights, the viewing for a night was always easy, a game. But now we're trying to see all these new shows. Old ones we've lost touch with, and new ones we've never heard of. We just trying to follow the crowd and watch what everyone else likes. I do have one pleasure, the next day after a game I have the luxury to play the audio of the game on the computer while I do Moms4Moms or house cleaning.
Missing one luxury, God bless you.
go leafs, go

Oct 1, 2008

Wow, so much to tell you!

The biggest thing in our life right now is Chicago. Or it was; we just returned from 4 days of vacation in the Windy City. We had a great time! We arrived just in time for supper on Friday night. We ate Pizzeria Uno's signature deep dish pizza. Yum! Just for the record, we had to go there again on the way out of town too!
We did a lot of swimming, well Jeremy and Anora did more than me.
The hotel we stayed at was wonderful! Had a full breakfast with a different main dish each day! I totally want to stay there again.
We headed out to the train station hoping to get weekend tickets, but no luck. We ran into problem after problem trying to ride the train, so we just drove. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo. It was nice. I compared it to Brookfield a lot. But I think all the differences were a wash. I like them both. But Anora's favorite by far was the petting zoo and barns at the end. My favorite was the polar bear and penguins.
We had wonderful Portillo's for Lupper, (lunch and supper) We could eat our weight in those hot dogs. They specialize in Chicago hot dogs. relish, mustar, onion, tomato, dill pickle and hot peppers, on a poppy sead bun! Yes, we ate more of those before leaving too. Not only that, but we went to the grocerie store and bought the fix'ins for making at home too. It was better at home in my opinion.
Then Sunday we did a little window shopping, and went to Ikea to get some coffee mugs. But we had 2 headline events on Sunday. Legoland and a Blackhawks Hockey game.
Legoland was a suprise! I knew we would spead a lot and didn't have high hopes. I was wrong. It was a hit. Probably Anora's favorite thing of the weekend. We looked at lots of models in awe. We rode a little ride to see a lego castle. A jungle of lego amazon. Lots of areas to build legos, even a strictly girly area. There were ramps a race tracks to race your lego cars. A area to test the strench of the your lego building. And probably the best was an area to build with huge lego blocks. There was a mini factory, where she got to push buttons to make her own keepsake piece. There was a 4 d movie. That was a little too real for Anora at first. Then you end the tour with a store. We (all 3 of us were excited) had to buy 1/2 pound of assotrted lego blocks. We stayed there for hours! I was real impressed.
Then we rested a little before heading out to the hockey game. It was good. I was start struck buy the building, and the players. Bret Hall mgr of the Starts was just barley in sight. 1/4 of the arena away, and that star struck me. The Blackhawks won. The arena was almost full over 18,000 people, wich is impressive for a preseason game.
Then we woke up tired and all a little grumpy by Sunday. We made one last stop at Cabella's before leaving. They had the biggest display of stuffed animals I've ever seen! It was nice. We found a great deal on a coat for Jeremy.
Now we're back to real life. No pool, no traffic, no cleaning service, no deep pizza. But working, planning, orgaizing, cleaning, learning, is our outlook.
God bless you, I pray you are as fortunate as we are.

Sep 17, 2008

New Pajamas

Well in my wealth of time I've made Anora a pair of pajamas. It's taken 3 days. 1 for cutting and 2 for sewing. I think they turned out well. They are actually a prototype for 2 pairs I'm making for my friends Betti and Jodi.
Betti & Jodi, what do you think? This is 1 full size too big for her, but I planned it that way.
Safe travels, God Bless.

Sep 13, 2008

Wow, when?

Just how long ago did I last blog? It took seeing another friend post a much wanted update to remind me.
There hasn't been a lot going on. So you haven't missed much.
We're into school full time now, and full days. I've decided the school wasn't trying to get into ease the kids into school, but us moms. It takes some getting use to. We had a little bout with accidents, and then recovered with help from the teacher and aid. Then last week we thought we had a little set back. But it was just a bad day. She had an accident, a kid pick on her, and just didn't feel well. A fully bad day. She came home and just went to bed. I felt bad for her. But she seemed fine for the next 2 days. I feel bad for kids dealing with change.

Tuesday was our first day for Moms4Moms. I didn't find it very relaxing. I felt harried trying to keep all my precious caregivers happy, changing rooms around, and getting the building ready and cleaned up. Angie who had done it all before,was very under appreciated! I was missing her as a friend, but now I miss how much work she did too. But I was surrounded by all my friends in my craziness.

I'm also endeavoring into a new project. Making Pajamas. I'm trying to use a pattern to make 2 sets, and then I'm making Anora a set to practice on . I'm having fun so far, but I think I'm slow. It has taken me a whole day to get the pieces cut out.

God bless your week

Aug 27, 2008

Papa visited

Well, we had a great time with a whirlwind visit with Jeremy's dad. They stopped on the way to and from Branson Mo.
I'll post some pictures of our visit. We had a mini birthday for Anora, and played with friends. Anora's favorite part was listening to Papa's stories.
God bless!

Aug 22, 2008

Hang on Dorothy, we're going for a ride!

What a completely crazy week. I'm in full hyper mode!
We started off the week with Anora's first day of school. Not too much there. I had to bribe her with cookies to get just a little information out of her. But I think it went well. She subsequently went again on Wednesday. And other than a thermos leak, it seemed to go well. She's made friends with a girl, and hasn't come home crying yet.

While she was at school I redecorated her room. 2 coats of 2 different colors of paint. Wall decor, and rearranged her bed and closet. She likes it, and it is super cute. More big girl room, less nursery.

But while Tuesday started off well with a good meeting with Moms4Moms, it crashed soon after. After trying to find a checkbook discrepancy, to no avail mind you, I decided to run our credit reports. I do it yearly, and though taking a little time, it's not hard. But I almost missed it, but on 1 of the 3 for me, they have my name changed, and there are 2 loans that don't belong to me. One of the loans is large. I panicked right away, and tried to fix it every way the credit burrow listed, as well as calling the police.

Then after going to the police station, Anora and I went to the park. I was trying to cool off and calm down. Then I heard some strangers behind me making some wrong assumptions about Anora's school class. I was a wreck all over again. After trying to drag Anora home. I didn't get any better. And still couldn't bring myself to tell Jeremy what I had heard at the park. I just couldn't make the words come together. I'm still mad and upset.

But, Wednesday while Anora was at school I got the house clean, and my brain straightened out. I spent time in prayer, and find cleaning to be very theraputic. Then quickly Anora got home.
I made supper and right at supper time, my father-in-law and Nancy arrived. It was great seeing them. Fred and I cooked together, and it was just a real nice visit. Anora sometimes plays favorites, but didn't this visit. They'll be back in a couple days, and I can't wait.

Alas they left this morning, just in time for me to do some "helps" at the church. I love to help, especially when it's wanted. (Too often I help when noone asked for it) I put some names on some books, helped out with Jeremy's music, and helped Pas. clean out his cupboards. It was nice, though I fear I bugged him far too much.

Now, I'm going to pray my day keeps going well, and go fry 10# of chicken for a picnic tomorrow.
God Bless, And though I haven't done it for a while, I'll ask you to pray.
Please pray for people who are desperate enough to steal money.

Aug 18, 2008

First Day!!

I've got all kinds of news!
1. Anora is off to school by herself! Here are the pictures. She was so excited I couldn't get her to turn around so I could take a picture by the bus. She sat in the front seat. You might see another boy in pictures too. He was going to Kindergarten, and I got to meet his family.
2. I have to have about the nicest neighbor. Reality wise, and Godly wise. She brought me over biscotti to go with my tear filled coffee.
3. Fred, my father-in-law is on his way for a visit! I'm jazzed. It's been a long time. And it'll be a kind of Collage of visit. But it couldn't really work out better for this time of year. Anora will have Thur off school to spend with him. And Jeremy will finagle a little time off to spend with him too. How great!
4. I had an answer to prayer this weekend when a friend e mailed to notify me of a prayer group to pray for kids/school! I had totally prayed for that.
5. As soon as I get back I'm going to demolish Anora's room, paint it. Redecorate it, and surprise Anora with it. I'm hoping to be mostly done by the time she gets home. I need some distraction.

God bless you for reading my rantings if you made it this far!

Aug 15, 2008

Ah, school.

Well, last night we went to her school and class room. We put away her school supplies, and met with the teacher briefly. We found her cubby and hook too. We just realized the other day, there are 4 girls in her class (including her) out of a class of 15.
She has a neat big room. And a really cool teacher. Anora was a little scared of her, but not as much as she is of some people. She even asked to draw on the bored while we talked. And she said it out loud! Wow. I think she'll do great.

She had to see the school library before we left. I don't know how much she'll get to use it this year, but she was jazzed. And we found all her favorites.

She goes on Monday, and then on Wed. and Friday this week. But only Tues and Thur the next week. Then will be her birthday, and then full time to school. But today was the last day of Wilson pretend school boot camp. I won't try to stay too strict on her off days. She's liable to be like a small dictatorship and revolt!
I think we're ready. I didn't know about pencil boxes or water bottles before last night. But I've got a box if she needs one, and we went out and bought her 2 water bottles that don't leak in her bag.
I packed her lunch the last 2 days. To make sure she could open all the containers and would remember to pick up after herself. She's struggling with the thermos. I think she'll eventually be ok though. But the containers I bought especially for her cooler are too big. But I had some in the back of the cupboard that are rarely used that seemed to work today. I want it all ready so I don't have to think too hard at 6am.

We even did a bus drop off practice. I drove her in the truck around town. And then dropped her at the stop and told her to go home. She wouldn't walk though, till I left for home first. I can't tell if she just followed the truck, or if she knew the way on her own. But I'll be there the first few weeks away at least.
Well she's gone running out the door. God Bless!

Aug 11, 2008

Summer ending, snif, snif

It's just a crazy time in my head right now.
Let me start with what we've been doing, and the most noticeable. Then I might move to the deeper recesses of my mind. It's kinda like a carnival freak show.

Last week Anora got sick for one day. It was harsh, but fast. The next day she was fully recovered. So recovered in fact, we took her 5 year old pictures. We took them at a local Christian camp. Another day we spent at my parents'. That same day she got her kindergarten vaccines.
Other than that it's been pretty quiet. Mostly because Jeremy has been working a ton of hours.

But big for the day, we did everything on school's schedule. Awake, ready, walk to bus stop, we went to the playground, did some work book, and reading. Just all around had a "school day". She couldn't have any cartoons till 3pm. She was not happy about that. But the worse part of the day came at nap/quiet time. She wanted bed rather than her school nap rug. She wanted her big squishy pillow, nope not at school. And she just generally needed sleep but wouldn't lay on the floor long enough to sleep. So after a field trip to the post office and at 3pm I turned on the cartoons and came to the computer. Very soon after that, I got this picture of her snoozing away. I think she'll have a 3 pm nap for the next few weeks. She looks so sweet when she sleeps. At least till she slobbers.
Wish us luck getting ready for school. We register for school tomorrow. And Thur we go to her class room to take her supplies and talk with the teacher. I'm so jazzed. And yet scared.

That tangent leads me to the dark recesses of my mind. So much is going to change in a week. I don't have to eat when she does. I don't have to plan my day around her schedule (cartoons). I don't have to wait for her before I go somewhere during the day. I have a few projects lined up. Painting and decorating her room for her birthday, helping out a friend, sorting toys at church. And some more touches on a quilt. Maybe even trying to sew a skirt for her or me. But it just seems like such a shock. Everything is going to change, at least till next summer. I suppose this is what parents feel like when their youngest goes off to school, well she is my youngest, and oldest/first. I'm completely paranoid of getting bored. I don't want a job. I want to walk her to the bus and home. I want to hear all about her day. I want to be here while she does homework. I want her to be able to have friends over after school (in a few years). But if I'm bored I may resort to drastic measures. Jeremy has told me before, I'm not very nice when I have a job. I'm not very flexible, and I have to have my way. I don't see how it much different than here at home.

Well, I feel better. Keep an eye out for pictures probably arriving. God Bless.

Aug 1, 2008

VBS slide show

A great week

DLF (dear little fellow) had a record number of kids at our Vacation Bible School. We had over 80 older kids and 18 younger kids. There were a few injuries. But I think there was a lot of loving God too. It was just neat to see. And the energy from the kids is infectious. I had a blast! I ran my tail off, but I also got to know my friends better working with them.

As I write this, Anora is at her Grandma & Grandpa's. So I get a day off.

Tomorrow is our family reunion, and I'll get her back then already.

I'll post a video or pictures. I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Jul 26, 2008

The week to come,

Well Jeremy finally got back to work on Friday. I missed him, and Anora was particularly out of sorts. But we're getting on. Today we spent some time at the church and Anora was a big help.
Because we're gearing up for VBS this week. I don't have a lot of responsibility, just being extra hands to people. I'm looking forward to it.
And then Anora stays with her grandma & grandpa at the end of the week. I'm looking forward to a day off.
God bless, and may you have a great week too.

Jul 22, 2008

Bizarre but nice

It's been a bizarre, but nice couple of days at our house. About 6:30 am on Monday a real vicious storm moved through the town Jeremy works in. It blew 100's of trees down and power lines. I think there 144,000 people without power right after the storm. The airport recorded a 100 mile/hour gust. It was terrible. A lot of people had trees go through their roofs or cut their trailer in half. Jeremy got to work, a little late due to debris in the road, but was safe. But once he go there, no power to do any work. So he brought some work home and worked here. He got what he needed done, and then hung out with us in the afternoon. It was nice for me to have him work from home. His boss called last night and it could be another day or 2 before power is restored. So he's gotten today off too. Jeremy has done some work and errands around the house. It's kinda like a Sat.
But now he's here to fight me for the computer. I'll let him have the computer now.
God bless.

Jul 18, 2008

Summer fun!

OH, so long.

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted. While we haven't really done much any day, it's been so long I'm sure there is a ton to report on.

We have a stuffed up kitchen drain. We've been having problems with it getting slower and slower to drain. So yesterday I took apart the pipes and made sure they were clear. After a lot of headache. They were clear. So the problem is beyond me. I'm waiting to hear back from the plumber now.

This morning though I got a call from my good friend/neighbor. She had been to a good garage sale. So Anora and I went. We spent $11 but came away with a lot of jeans and some shirts. All of them are school quality(4 weeks and counting). Anora couldn't wait to wear them.
After the garage sale we came home, I was dripping in sweat. So she played in her pool a ton. She floated and kicked, and put her face in. I was so excited. I took way too many pictures and video.

Speaking of pictures, I'm uploading a slide show, and on it there are pictures of Jeremy cutting down our tree single handed, Anora playing with her friend, and also our cat outside. Just general summer fun.

We've been strangely social lately. On Sunday we went out with a couple to brunch. It was a ritzy brunch. But so good. And I was glad to get to know them better. And then later that night, we had a guy friend from church over. Very different atmosphere. Home made pizza, mess house, and a movie. It was a lot of fun!

The day before, Saturday, we went to a friend/relation of mine. We had great food and a real relaxing time. Anora got to bug other people, and therefore was an angel. And Jeremy and I played a new game to us. Ladder golf. Jeremy has it all planned out in his mind to make one for here at home.

Jeremy is doing well. Working a lot, but not too much. He hasn't hit summer panic yet, so that will still be coming.
He is the most wonderful husband. This last week in anticipation of his dad coming to visit I've been spending most of my time scanning family photos into the computer. That way the photos can go back home with him. But our scanner would crash repeatedly and I finally just couldn't do it anymore! I was quickly losing my mind. He gave me permission to stop scanning them. Do you ever just need permission to do, or not do something? I did. I felt about 20 lbs lift from my chest.
So anyway, the 100's of pictures I had done already are burnt to cd for his brother and dad and us.

Our VBS will be coming up 28-31st. I'm excited to help with that. I love helping, and not being in charge. And that is exactly how this event works. I get to do a lot, and enjoy myself, without thinking it will fall apart due to me.

I'm straining my brain to think of what else we've been up to. But I'm afraid I just can't access that part of my brain.

Please pray for stray teens. As being a former misfit, I know there is nothing any man can do to fix them, please pray they let God in and let Him help. God Bless

Jul 7, 2008

indepence day

We've had a wonderful weekend!
I last posted that I was working on a float for the church to go in the parade. That fell through, leaving us with no obligations! Independence!
So Thur night we pulled out to a camping spot. The weather was perfect, Anora behaved and left to play a lot. Jeremy and I got along wonderfully!
On Friday we took a long hike, and went to the swimming pool in the park. Then at dark we hunted out a place in the park to watch fireworks. We found a real interesting spot. I'm not telling where, I hope to use it again next year! But we were able to watch the firework, and listen and watch deer all at the same time. With none of the traffic or booms! Anora was so tired she really didn't want to stay and watch, but she finally quit complaining and we enjoyed ourselves.
On Saturday we had a great breakfast and then got ready to leave. God was good to us. We pulled out and parked at home with no frustration or even second tries.
We felt great about ourselves and couldn't just stay home. We're still not flush with money, but we decided to treat ourselves with a rare supper and an upgrade of a toy for Anora. We bought the makings for poutine and a real set of legos.
Pray for relief to all those who don't have or can't afford to run the air conditioner.

Jun 30, 2008


Our big pine that fell a couple of weeks ago is gone. We have been working nights and weekends to make it go away. Jeremy climbed the tree, cut off all the limbs. We cut them smaller and loaded them into the truck and hauled them away. Cut down the trunk, chunk ed it up and hauled that away. And then the last few huge pieces went away too. We had to have a neighbor's help on a few. And it took 3 of us on the last piece. But it's all gone. Good bye tree, hello garden! While I wondered if Jeremy could do it, he pulled through and the chainsaw lasted.

Jun 27, 2008

Maple whos?

Most of you who know me well, know that I'm a little crazy for the Toronto Mapleleafs hockey team. I even considered getting a tattoo of their logo for a long time.
But this is the year of the rebuild. And they have to destroy to rebuild. And they are taking a huge explosion to the whole team. The have gotten rid of all their marquee players in the last week. From my favorites of Darcy Tucker to the useless baggage of Raycroft. I'm shocked all the waivers, and buyouts that are happening. While it's a much needed rebuild, it's still surprising and a little scary. As of now I'm left with the winning goalie and a lot of young players still to prove their talent.
I hope it goes well. You may not see me flying my leaf flag as often while I wait with bated breath to see how the season goes. I'm not jumping from the bandwagon yet.

happy but busy

I apologize for my lack of attention. The house is a happy busy house.
Last 2 weeks, Anora has had swimming lessons and programs through the library.

And 4th of July is quickly sneaking up on us. I'm starting to believe the 4th is a cruel joke. It's right at the beginning of the month. So you're preparing for June to wind down, you flip the page and BAM there' the 4th just 3 days away! I and my friend Betti are trying to pull together a float for the church, but it's looking like a pointless battle. I'm thinking it's not worth the head and heart ache. And don't forget the sweat, and muscles involved. And time! I'm a beaten woman.

That's about us for now. When I get some pictures, or something to report on the float I'll update you.

Jun 23, 2008

Be who you are...

What DLF is…

We are a quilted cross.

We’re soft to the touch.

We’re comforting and warm, even soothing.

Some might even call us shabby chic.

We’re made up of pieces stitched together.

There are strips added in to hide our ugly seams.

We’re homemade right in God’s house.

When the sun shines we really reflect God’s light.

We’re multicolored of talents, gifts, young and old.

Though we’ve all been poked with needles, when we’re together you can no longer see our holes.

We’re not an intimidating cross with slivers, or eyes looking down in judgment.

We have compass points show our forgiveness. “As far as the East is from the West.”

When you’re lost or falling away, wrap our cross around you, it’s why we are here.

Jun 20, 2008

spitting venom

I'm spitting mad, and must tire myself out on screen. My local nameless grocery store infuriates me to the point of screaming. I had my list all made, and their ad in hand ready to shop. I was by myself, so usually it's a zen experience.

First, they were out of the advertised tomatoes. Fine.
Lettuce which runs usually .80 was double in price, I'm sure it was to push the romaine hearts. Coincidentally they were out of!
Ok calming down I get out of the veggie isle.
Meat, I had planned to get the chicken that was less than 1$/ pound, but all of the 5 chickens they offered were so heavy they were the size of a turkey, costing $7 and up!
I call Jeremy for a little calming down and to help me pick a replacement.
So I just need one chicken breast for a stir fry. Not even a whole one, just some meat to put in a stir fry. They don't have any small packs, you had to buy a minimum of 4 1/2 breasts. Costing well over $5. Ahh. So I got a piece of cat fish for $3. We'll have seafood stir fry.

Milk cost $1 more there than anywhere else.
Eggs are average priced, but only had 5 cartons to offer and all had broken eggs in them. I did a quick swap to get a full intact dozen.

They hike the price of cereal so people will buy their over priced generics. A box of name brand frosted flakes should be $2, but since their generic is 2.20 you'll have to pay 2.5 for name brand.

I like to watch the prices too, making sure they don't pull a fast one and not honor a promised price. But they don't have a monitor so you can see while filing the belt.

Juice is .50 more there than anywhere else. Apple juice I can usually get for 2.00 or less. and they didn't have a jug less than 2.50.

They had corrections to their ad posted in a few places even.

And to top it off and driving me to the computer to purge myself, (poor keyboard, oops, a little on the monitor) I bought peaches and nectarines, even though they were over priced. I got 2 of each, averaging .50/piece. They looked beautiful, but ripe so they won't last long. Well they got smashed! Guess it's fruit salad for lunch.

I walked out of there with just 5 bags. Very few spluges, no alcohol, and spending $60 on what I could've paid $40-$50 anywhere else.

But with gas prices they was they are, I'd spend $8.00-$10.00 on gas going anywhere else. They is no competition in town for this store and they have no reason to be competitive. I might go back to driving further just to avoid the aggravation.

On other news, Jeremy took down the last of the limbs off the pine trees. We have a lot of hauling away to be done, and fall the trunk yet, but the end of it is in sight.

I'm working of a couple of things for church. And today is Anora's last day for her getting for kindergarten thing.

Still one more week of swimming lessons. She really likes them. She discovered goggles yesterday. I'm not sure how, but I saw the instructor putting goggles on her and the rest of class she had her head under water searching for things! It was like she was snorkeling with her feet on the floor. So we got her some yesterday for the rest of the week. I hope she keeps liking swimming. She really likes the pool we have in town. It's a zero depth entry she can walk all around the 2-3 feet area and play and swim, but be able to stand when she is done. It's super nice and clean too, but will cost us $10 for the whole family to go some night. The cheaper pool I like to go to, the choices are baby pool, or 3'. Nothing in between.

Please pray for all the mothers who think this has been a long summer already.

Jun 16, 2008

OH my girl!

It's been a couple of months since I talked much about school. It's summer after all, so I didn't have to think about it. But last week a woman from school called and offered to have Anora come to a play time at school. I jumped at the chance. Not to mention the chance to have some over due quiet/cleaning time, but Anora does much better being prepared before starting anything new. It starts today and lasts all week, just for a couple of hours. So this morning we got ready early and went out 5 minutes early for the bus. Apparently the bus was also 5 minutes early, cause it met us at the sidewalk! I snapped a couple of pictures and she was off. So many new things for her.

We even have swimming lessons this week. We had to move them later in the morning due to school. So it'll be a busy week!

I figured we'd have a hard time getting use to being ready 1 full hour earlier than we had to for preschool. But we really didn't. I didn't let her watch cartoons during breakfast like she usually would. That cut a 1/2 hour right there. I think she is ready for this.

I can't believe how fast she is growing!

On another topic, the floods of Iowa. We are ok. We're not really effected yet. If the river Jeremy crosses to get to the cities goes over the 4 lane highway, we'll have problems. But so far so good. Even our family is ok so far as we know. But a lot of our church friends, have friends and kids that are displaced due to the floods. Or even in once case, they don't have much water, so came a very long way home to wash clothes and take showers.

Please keep praying for those who have been evacuated or losing their possessions. I pray they turn to God. He can't be washed away or mold or mildew.

Jun 7, 2008

guess what we did today

We started the day camping but came home cause we were all crabby, and there was a chance of storms. Well the chance arrived! We had a little cell move through and took out 1/2 of our back pine tree and tons of our maple tree!
But her are the miracles! We were home, not camping, we moved the truck just in time. The camper wasn't hurt at all. The trees didn't do any real damage to the garage, porch or house. A few object like our umbrella were broken, but hey, that's fine. And that back pine, we hate, so I'm glad so much is gone.

And Praise God for helpful neighbors, and God parents. Our God Father and Mother and their son Caleb came and helped a ton!
Speaking of ton, we took 14 trucks to the compost. There was a line at the compost heap, and an endloader pushing the existing piles back to make room for more.

Though I don't know for sure, thank God no one in the storms was hurt.

This is copied out of local news. Where they 80 mph winds, is where we were camping this a.m. !

Severe weather pops up in the Quad Cities

QUAD CITIES -- This afternoon, doppler radar indicated a tornado, and a warning was issued. That initial warning expired at 2:30pm. At 1:50 this afternoon, a trained spotter reported a funnel cloud near Mediapolis, Iowa. Heavy rain and 60MPH wind gusts were reported at the Walmart in Muscatine at 2:06.

Trees were reported down in Oakville, Iowa at 2:22pm. A trained spotter reported 80MPH winds, damaging gas pumps in Parkview, Iowa.

Trees and powerlines were also reported down just northwest of Davenport along Highway 130.