Aug 18, 2008

First Day!!

I've got all kinds of news!
1. Anora is off to school by herself! Here are the pictures. She was so excited I couldn't get her to turn around so I could take a picture by the bus. She sat in the front seat. You might see another boy in pictures too. He was going to Kindergarten, and I got to meet his family.
2. I have to have about the nicest neighbor. Reality wise, and Godly wise. She brought me over biscotti to go with my tear filled coffee.
3. Fred, my father-in-law is on his way for a visit! I'm jazzed. It's been a long time. And it'll be a kind of Collage of visit. But it couldn't really work out better for this time of year. Anora will have Thur off school to spend with him. And Jeremy will finagle a little time off to spend with him too. How great!
4. I had an answer to prayer this weekend when a friend e mailed to notify me of a prayer group to pray for kids/school! I had totally prayed for that.
5. As soon as I get back I'm going to demolish Anora's room, paint it. Redecorate it, and surprise Anora with it. I'm hoping to be mostly done by the time she gets home. I need some distraction.

God bless you for reading my rantings if you made it this far!

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Four Little Boys..... said...

How did her first day go? We start Tuesday and i am very nervous for David (Kindergarten. We went to our open house and he was very shy and quite. There were some friends from preschool their so hopefully he will be okay. Anora looks so excited in the pictures. I hope she had an awesome day.