Oct 1, 2008

Wow, so much to tell you!

The biggest thing in our life right now is Chicago. Or it was; we just returned from 4 days of vacation in the Windy City. We had a great time! We arrived just in time for supper on Friday night. We ate Pizzeria Uno's signature deep dish pizza. Yum! Just for the record, we had to go there again on the way out of town too!
We did a lot of swimming, well Jeremy and Anora did more than me.
The hotel we stayed at was wonderful! Had a full breakfast with a different main dish each day! I totally want to stay there again.
We headed out to the train station hoping to get weekend tickets, but no luck. We ran into problem after problem trying to ride the train, so we just drove. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo. It was nice. I compared it to Brookfield a lot. But I think all the differences were a wash. I like them both. But Anora's favorite by far was the petting zoo and barns at the end. My favorite was the polar bear and penguins.
We had wonderful Portillo's for Lupper, (lunch and supper) We could eat our weight in those hot dogs. They specialize in Chicago hot dogs. relish, mustar, onion, tomato, dill pickle and hot peppers, on a poppy sead bun! Yes, we ate more of those before leaving too. Not only that, but we went to the grocerie store and bought the fix'ins for making at home too. It was better at home in my opinion.
Then Sunday we did a little window shopping, and went to Ikea to get some coffee mugs. But we had 2 headline events on Sunday. Legoland and a Blackhawks Hockey game.
Legoland was a suprise! I knew we would spead a lot and didn't have high hopes. I was wrong. It was a hit. Probably Anora's favorite thing of the weekend. We looked at lots of models in awe. We rode a little ride to see a lego castle. A jungle of lego amazon. Lots of areas to build legos, even a strictly girly area. There were ramps a race tracks to race your lego cars. A area to test the strench of the your lego building. And probably the best was an area to build with huge lego blocks. There was a mini factory, where she got to push buttons to make her own keepsake piece. There was a 4 d movie. That was a little too real for Anora at first. Then you end the tour with a store. We (all 3 of us were excited) had to buy 1/2 pound of assotrted lego blocks. We stayed there for hours! I was real impressed.
Then we rested a little before heading out to the hockey game. It was good. I was start struck buy the building, and the players. Bret Hall mgr of the Starts was just barley in sight. 1/4 of the arena away, and that star struck me. The Blackhawks won. The arena was almost full over 18,000 people, wich is impressive for a preseason game.
Then we woke up tired and all a little grumpy by Sunday. We made one last stop at Cabella's before leaving. They had the biggest display of stuffed animals I've ever seen! It was nice. We found a great deal on a coat for Jeremy.
Now we're back to real life. No pool, no traffic, no cleaning service, no deep pizza. But working, planning, orgaizing, cleaning, learning, is our outlook.
God bless you, I pray you are as fortunate as we are.

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