Sep 30, 2010


We accepted an offer on the house last night. We still have to pass inspection, and he still needs final word on financing today. But we’re in the home stretch. If all goes well we’ll close at the end of Oct. Thank you for all your prayer. And still throw up the occasional prayer that the rest goes well.

Sep 7, 2010

First Day of school

When they say school starts in the fall up here they’re not kidding. It’s 55 degrees and drizzling her for the first day of school. The bus co. said be 15 min early so we were and it was 6 minutes late. That’s 20 minutes waiting. We’re both pretty wet. But Anora was finally excited! She’s been dreading school all summer till yesterday. And this morning there is no stopping her. I think if the bus wouldn’t have shown she would’ve walked (2-3 miles)

It was Jeremy’s first day of work too. He’s an aid on the special needs bus. So he took off at 6:15 to start his route. And then he’ll get to come home and do his online studies and then off to “Pericopies (sp)of John-Greek” in the after noon, and then another bus route again.

They say he’ll be able to pick up Anora at school with the bus eventually, but not this week yet while they iron out the routes. So for this week it looks like Anora will be going to the YMCA after school. I’m a little nervous, she and I have never been there, and we haven’t had a chance to prep her on what to expect. Trusting God and praying a lot about this. They do a lot of bus switching here too. She takes one bus in the am from home, and then switches to school. That seems easy enough, but then takes a bus from school (one of many) to the switch and can either take the frog home, or one of many that go to the Y. I hope she’ll figure it out; she’s not one to ask for help.

I’ll post some photos.