Nov 10, 2008

here's what's new

I shouldn't tease you with a title like that. Very little is new.
Pat (Jeremy's Mom) and Willie (step dad) just left after a fantastic visit.
They arrived Thur night, and left Monday morning. We didn't do anything too special. Just hung around here mostly. They went to church with us, and then shopping yesterday. It was relaxing, and a parental recharge for me. Anora and her got along real well. I feel like I'm doing something right.

Saturday, we went to a wedding of a cousin. Anora was the flower girl. I'll have to post some pictures.

Several people have asked how Anora is feeling. Well let me tell you, she's changing quick. Last Sunday the 2nd, she had cold symptoms, but then ran a fever of 102. Yikes. So she stayed home and then missed School on Monday to recover. But then on Tuesday she went back. But she wasn't there long. She and her friend bonked heads and she cried and worked up another fever. That didn't last long, when she got home her temp was back down on it's own. But I couldn't exactly take her back to school. So the answer is, she is fine, just has a cough haning on still.
Hope you can spend good time with family too.

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