Jul 22, 2008

Bizarre but nice

It's been a bizarre, but nice couple of days at our house. About 6:30 am on Monday a real vicious storm moved through the town Jeremy works in. It blew 100's of trees down and power lines. I think there 144,000 people without power right after the storm. The airport recorded a 100 mile/hour gust. It was terrible. A lot of people had trees go through their roofs or cut their trailer in half. Jeremy got to work, a little late due to debris in the road, but was safe. But once he go there, no power to do any work. So he brought some work home and worked here. He got what he needed done, and then hung out with us in the afternoon. It was nice for me to have him work from home. His boss called last night and it could be another day or 2 before power is restored. So he's gotten today off too. Jeremy has done some work and errands around the house. It's kinda like a Sat.
But now he's here to fight me for the computer. I'll let him have the computer now.
God bless.

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