Nov 5, 2010

Loss of first tooth.

Anora lost her first tooth today! Yippy! Tooth fairy has us penciled in.

Oct 11, 2010

Inspection today.

House inspection didn't go well. They want us to cover the basement floor somehow. With plastic and gravel or put down a thin layer of cement.It needs electrical work too though we don't know what yet.This is all so the buyer to get his FHA loan. Would've been nice to know all this before we left town, and could've fixed it ourselves. We offered to get the inspection when we still had money and so there was no surprises. But we were reassured it wasn't necessary, so now surprise!

Jeremy is out walking it off. I'm spilling my guts.

Maybe we'll just come back to do the work ourselves, but would only have 1 day to get it all done and 2 days to drive. Or maybe we'll hire it done. But closing was scheduled for the eom, and it needs inspected again before that. So we've got like 1 or 2 weekends to get it done. And I've already made plans for my birthday weekend, though it could be canceled. Grrr.

Hoping for some inspiration. I certainly don't have an answer, nor should anyone else, just venting here.

Sep 30, 2010


We accepted an offer on the house last night. We still have to pass inspection, and he still needs final word on financing today. But we’re in the home stretch. If all goes well we’ll close at the end of Oct. Thank you for all your prayer. And still throw up the occasional prayer that the rest goes well.

Sep 7, 2010

First Day of school

When they say school starts in the fall up here they’re not kidding. It’s 55 degrees and drizzling her for the first day of school. The bus co. said be 15 min early so we were and it was 6 minutes late. That’s 20 minutes waiting. We’re both pretty wet. But Anora was finally excited! She’s been dreading school all summer till yesterday. And this morning there is no stopping her. I think if the bus wouldn’t have shown she would’ve walked (2-3 miles)

It was Jeremy’s first day of work too. He’s an aid on the special needs bus. So he took off at 6:15 to start his route. And then he’ll get to come home and do his online studies and then off to “Pericopies (sp)of John-Greek” in the after noon, and then another bus route again.

They say he’ll be able to pick up Anora at school with the bus eventually, but not this week yet while they iron out the routes. So for this week it looks like Anora will be going to the YMCA after school. I’m a little nervous, she and I have never been there, and we haven’t had a chance to prep her on what to expect. Trusting God and praying a lot about this. They do a lot of bus switching here too. She takes one bus in the am from home, and then switches to school. That seems easy enough, but then takes a bus from school (one of many) to the switch and can either take the frog home, or one of many that go to the Y. I hope she’ll figure it out; she’s not one to ask for help.

I’ll post some photos.

Aug 21, 2010

This is the view of our back yard from our back door. Both of the garages are ours to use. There is a great little garden back there.

There is sunflower growing back there, planted by the home owners. It just fascinates me.

While here is the view from our front sidewalk. Those white boards down there is the skate rink for winter. the large grassy area has been used for soccer and football lately. And there is a large hill you can't see for sledding.

And here is the front of the house from where I park. Those are 20 stars from street to door. I'm losing some weight.

Aug 19, 2010


I need to start by apologizing for not writing more. I've been at my new job for 3 weeks now and have started training on the bookkeeping part of it. I'm still loving it, and I understand most of it. But there are still really simple things that still lose me.

Jeremy is studying right now for his Greek final tomorrow. He has unofficially passed already though, so that is a big load off.

We seem to be all healthy. And we've even had company! I'm excited to have a house large enough to entertain!

I'm making some co-worker friends, and Jeremy is getting to know and like some class mates. Anora has become friends with then neighbor girl and her dog.

We've moved the computer up to the dining room today. Seems a little easier to get to, less fighting over the television (previous computer monitor) and I can keep an eye on Anora's computer use a little easier. She has started liking computer games more and more.

Anora's 7th birthday is next Saturday already. We're expecting Jeremy's mom and step dad to arrive sometime before then. But no real plan on what we're doing for her birthday. But she has made a very clear very short list for us. So not much wiggle room. Zhu Zhu play house, an additional zhu zhu to go with it, and a specific computer game.

School for her doesn't start till Sept 7th!. So we have a while to wait for that, but that means more time for school shopping.

Big news that isn't gotten very far: Jeremy has a job too. Starting also Sept 7th he'll be an aide on the special needs bus. So yeah, 2 pay check family.

Blessings to you all!

Jul 15, 2010

leaving work

You know, I'm finishing the last hour at my job. I'm about to walk out of here for the last time. (turned in my key so no more walking in)I really thought I would be jumping for joy, singing and dancing. But I'm not. It's not that I'll miss this particular building or business. But I think I will miss all the woman who have driven me crazy for the last year.

Also looking at it up close, sure this step is ending, but it's just that- a step. We have so many steps in front of us. This is just a big one, and we're embarking on so many more. Life just looks like a series of steps right now. Like a apartment building and I live on the top floor with no elevator.

Jul 13, 2010

Open house please sell my house!

We had our first, and hopefully only, open house this last Sunday. We had a good turn out 10 prospects signed in. Only couple of kids were looking for their 2nd time with their parents. They're still working on getting the money though, have a lot of paper work to do yet. Keep praying ! We had 2 showings today too! Though we haven't heard how they went I'm hopeful.

That is, coincidental, my key word for the month HOPE. As we were leaving MN this last trip I was all a fret about the house and plans and money. And the sigh for Hope MN came into view. "OK God, I got hope, your kind of hope"

We have a going away party at our church on Sunday. They've all been quite the support system to us for the last 6 year. I'll need the tissues handy!

Thursday 7/16 is my last day at work. Don't need the tissues handy for that farewell.
And 7/23 we pick up the moving truck and fill it! We'll pull out of town on 7/24~! Yikes.

Just hanging onto HOPE.

Jul 5, 2010

Quick trip to Fergus

This weekend we took a quick trip to Fergus. We decided to find a place to store the camper and take it up early. Our friend Barb found us a co worker willing to let it set in her yard. Nice lady. Nice yard too. So Jeremy hooked the camper up and the 3 of us rode 9 hours in the front of the truck. The trip up was great. Anora was well behaved, and we all had a lot of patience. I like that Anora had to sit beside me and hence cuddle. I tried to drive the camper, but I only did it for just over an hour before needing Jeremy to drive again.

First thing Saturday morning I had an interview. It would be just maybe the perfect job. Customer service and light bookkeeping and billing! I'm trying not to get my hopes up. It's only part time, and there is another person interviewing for it.

Then we went to the house we're going to rent. The family who owns the house is out and let us come in to measure, look at details. We found out the drive way is more narrow than I had remembered, but that the hill the house is on isn't nearly as extreme as I remembered. We even took photos so I can start planing furniture layout and kitchen tools! There is a little garden we didn't know about too!

We met some new friends on the trip, and saw some old friends on the trip too (long time friends, not in age!).

The trip back didn't go as well. I was trying to do most of the driving to make it up to Jeremy for him driving the camper. First somehow going through the cities we either got a rock or something on the windshield and developed a long crack right away. By end of the 10 hour trip it was around 9" long. We'll have to decide what, if anything, to do about that. We took a walk through Cabala's and bought a Caribou Coffee. I missed out exit coming back into Iowa for my highway. And took us way out of our way! Darn it! By then we were all tired and edgy. The rest of the trip we were all just ready to be home.

On Thursday before the trip I gave 2 weeks notice to my temp agency. It went well. I think they will really be sorry to see me go. Not counting that Thursday it's really 8 days. This is a 4 day work week, and I'll just work 4 days my last week. Nice little blessing there.

We have an Open house scheduled for the 11th. I'm hoping we won't need it though. At this point I'd rather have any income from the sale and not have to worry about the house beyond July 24th, than have to worry about paying mortgage for another month or 2.

Our friends at church are having a little going away for us after Church on the 18th too. That is when the water works will start. It may not end till were in Fergus for a day. This church family took me from a new believer to ready to be pastor's wife. They've trained me and nurtured me. They've helped my fruits to grow. They've shown me a different way to live and behave. I just gotta know we won't be gone for long and we'll make a point of coming to visit. It's easier for me knowing that I'll be coming back for family, but coming back for church family won't be quite as easy.

We'll I think I've caught you all up, and please keep praying.

Jun 25, 2010

oh boy

Well our house is a little crazy these days!! Literally the house is still for sale, showing today and tomorrow, and offered it back to the first person who wouldn't come up in price again, but now she won't return her own realtor's calls.

Anora has just finished swim lessons. She enjoyed them but alas couldn't float on her back, and didn't pass yet this year.
She'll be starting our church's vbs next week. that should be fun! She loves all the teen councilors! And Jeremy might be able to take that time finally do something, anything, he's wanted to accomplish this summer.

Jeremy has been busy trying to find people to fill his shoes at church. He's been cleaning and showing the house for sale. And well, Anora is a full time job all on it's own. He's worked his old job a couple times now at West, and he'll be doing it a couple more times.

I'm looking forward to being done at work, still not counting the days, but have my last day penciled on my calendar. I have been job hunting though. Have been turned down by 3 places for sure now, and have an interview July 3rd for a part time job with the Church. I hope to get it, but it's only part time, and would need an additional part time job then. So the hunt continues.
I had a huge up for me. I told the story of me and God yesterday to some co workers. It was the first time I've said how and why I love God to people who where not really believers! I have the will to go on for another week.

My aunt Karen pass away today. She's had cancer for many years and had been really suffering with it the last month. Please pray for her husband and 4 kids and 10 grand kids ( I think that's the count anyway)

Jun 8, 2010

still showing

Well, I haven't writen because there isn't much to update.
We're still showing the house a couple times a week. I'm totally ready to be done. I'm tired of cleaning, and tired of hiding out "stuff". So that is the next big hurdle a head of us to tackle.

Anora happily came home from church to shout the good news, 6 weeks till the move. *hit in the gut* I had been counting. So promptly counted and was somwhat releived to find it's closer to 7 weeks.

I'm filling out a few job aps and have put out a few resume's. Nothing too stressing in that area yet though.

If you haven't already heard our plan is to pack truck 7/23 and drived 7/24 and unload 7/25. So please put us on your calendar if you're able to help!

Blessings for you, I'll keep ya'all updated when we have any updates.

May 17, 2010


House showing is going well. We've had one offer already, but turned it down, couldn't come to a common ground on price. But it showed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too. I'm ready to be done keeping the house clean.

We also went to the Augusta's Concert band and Orchestral band. It was wonderful. Anora's first indoor concert she had to sit though. She tried to act like she didn't like it at fist, but then it grew on her.
Blessings to all.

May 14, 2010

quick happenings

Well, many of you knew we had a date with the realtor on Thursday just for photos and measurements. We showed it yet on Thursday afternoon. Then again this afternoon. Our realtor called today and has a written offer already! We'll see her tonight to look over the offer.
Oh, and our listing is online now too. You can find it by looking up the address on
Wow! Please pray we'll make wise choices. I'm sure we'll be fine, but we are excited. Hopefully the offer is for closing in July and for full price!
May you be as blessed, or more, as we are.

May 7, 2010

Mommy Day

Happy Mothers Day
To my Mommy and Mommy-in-law,
To all my Mommies-in-Christ,
To all my peer mommies.
May you get a homemade card,
a hug, and a glass of wine!

Apr 22, 2010


Tomorrow I'm (Shannon)on a trip to Inspration Point! It's about my favorite place in the world.
This is my 4th year. It's like a lunch or coffee break with God. It's relaxing and quiet, it's fellowship, and lots of time by lake with my bible. No cleaning, no cooking, no kids. Lots of time to be busy, or do nothing at all. It's tender and fun. It's as close to heaven as i've been.
It's a long trip though, so pray for the drivers and cars.

Apr 20, 2010

It's Official

Jeremy got his acceptance letter from Faith Sem. yesterday with a plan for his courses and his timeline! We're jazzed and things are in the works.

We also got the Kitchen cleaned an extras packed. I've gotten a good start on the bedroom too, so Jeremy has less to do.

This weekend I'm off with 8 other ladies to bond with my friend Jesus! I've been so busy haven't had much time with him. Hope to spend some serious time in the word and in nature, and worshiping.

Blessings to all my friends.

Apr 12, 2010


2 new things

Well I have 2 things to report today.
1. Anora is riding a two wheeler! Her training wheels have been off for about 2 weeks, and she has just been scooting around with her feet on the ground. Finally, while Jeremy and I were outside with her yesterday, she decided to show off. She started trying to pedal. We tried not to pressure her while giving her positive reinforcement. Finally she would go a few feet with her feet on the pedals. We let her struggle and just have a good time for about an hour. Eventually she asked for help and we were happy to hold her upright while she figured out how to get her feet on the pedals and get going. By 7:30 last night she made it from our house to the end of the block to the south all by herself!
We're so excited! I think I see a new bike in her future this month yet. I have video and photos I'll post soon.
2. We packed and cleaned the bathroom Saturday. So we're on schedule for showing the house in May. We've cleaned and packed the living room, den, bathroom, and cleaned the garage, but still need to pack it.
We're still waiting on acceptance to the distance learning program Jeremy wants. I'm getting a little waiting!
Thanks for your prayers! Please pray with Anora on a bike we don't have to see an er!

Mar 17, 2010

Quick update

So, things are moving ahead quickly here since coming home from our hopeful future town,.

Jeremy has started the application process in a seminary program that offers a bachelors program. It's a distance program based out of a western state.He's completed applications, contacts with the president and lined up references. This week he has gotten confirmation that they received the application. But more exciting is that the president responded with Jeremy's projected time line. He'll be able to finish his bachelors in one school year, and move onto the masters program at the seminary he wants . So were still hoping to move to MN this summer to be close to the seminary while he's taking his classes.

This week is spring break for Jeremy. He has painted the living room and shampooed the carpets, and packed much of the living room. It looks bare, but big. We also packed a lot of the den this weekend making room for packed boxes.

Jeremy and Anora are getting a lot of time outdoors too.
Blessings to you and your family.

Mar 9, 2010

light unto my path,

Well, this past weekend we took a trip up the town we want to move to. We had a meeting with the seminary staff, and it was enlightening. They were able to give us some ideas, help, encouragement, and direction again.
Jeremy is working real hard to do what they have recommended, and we could, by God's grace, still be in F.F. in the fall. Jeremy is applying to a seminary that has distance learning and seeing how many credits will transfer and what classes he would have to take distance learning. That seminary can possible provide his BS degree. The seminary we've been aiming for has already approved him to take a couple under grad classes while attending online with a different seminary.
It's a little messy, but makes all the sense in the world to us. Please pray this works out. We're excited again for the possibility to move this fall.
We also met a new family and now friends. We saw their house and had dinner with them in the possibility that we could maybe rent their house. It was truly a great night and has us excited.

Mar 2, 2010

Spiritual Steak or Would You Like Milk With That? or Of Milk and Meat

(Jeremy composed this 3/1/10)

When my daughter was about two years old, there were certain things that she just plainly refused to eat. Those of you who are parents undoubtedly have gone through this frustrating phase with your own children. With my daughter, it was anything classified under the category of meat. Even such reliable childhood favorites as hot dogs were met with the concise but powerful statement, “don’t like!” Our insistences that meat was good for her and would help her to grow up big and strong fell on deaf ears. They did nothing to convince her that meat was something she had to eat in order to be healthy and energetic. She simply could not get past her initial experience with meat’s taste and texture and therefore she was unable to see its long-term benefits. Nevertheless, we persisted in ensuring that she try new meats, and eventually she became used to eating all kinds of meat, including hot dogs. She doesn’t remember those days anymore, and she has become a kid who will eat just about any kind of food that is put in front of her.

Now, this seems to be an inordinately long analysis of toddler eating habits, however there’s an important message to be learned here. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about those days as I reflect on some recent disappointments in my own life. Our family has been set back on our heels with some recent news that our future plans have been drastically changed. My first and most tenacious response to these changes is, “don’t like!” I’ve been handed a type of spiritual meat that I’m having troubles choking down, and I would prefer just to push the plate away. But by doing so, I am blinding myself to what benefits God has planned for us through this experience. In a way, I long to be the church at Corinth which Paul writes to in the third chapter of 1st Corinthians. I would prefer being bottle-fed milk rather than to face the difficulties I am facing now. However, God was not content to let the Corinthians be milk-fed and indeed Paul spent much energy admonishing and correcting the Corinthians for the purpose of increasing their strength. If I am going to trust the word of God, when he says in Romans 8:28 that, “All things work together for good to those who love God,” then I must trust that the meat he is feeding me right now is good for me. Like a good father, God wants me to grow big and strong, spiritually.

As I have learned through my daughter, this time of, “don’t like!” will pass, and I’m not likely to remember just how upsetting things are right now. Because of God’s guidance in my life, I will go on to enjoy the spiritual meat that he will continue to feed me. I will relish in its flavor at the moment, and then enjoy the strength it will impart later.

Mar 1, 2010

Life's bumps

Back on 2/16 we got some disheartening news. The seminary Jeremy has been planning on attending this summer has discontinued their bachelors program. Whoa, now what? The first week we both just walked around wounded, slightly hunched over holding our stomachs. This past week I was in full problem solving mode, I searched, googled, and dug up info on other seminaries and colleges.
Today the skies seem to be clearing. Things are far from solved, but at least we have some possible solutions. I'm willing to have hope in the future again.
We will be traveling to F.F. Mn this weekend to meet with some families and staying with good friends. We strongly considered not going, but I'm looking forward to it again.
Please pray for our future, and that God will surprise us with some open, welcoming doors.
Now that I can even admit what is going on, I'll try to keep all of our friends and family updated.

Feb 11, 2010

quieting down

Well, it seems we're all healthy again. Things are quieting down. Now if we can catch a break on the school schedule and the snow, and have a full week of work and school things would be almost perfect.
I bid you farewell with no news is good news.

Feb 4, 2010


Well, illness has made it's rounds.
1st round Anora with puking and diarea from 1pm Sunday till 8:30 and then recovered Monday.
2nd round Shannon, losing her mommy immunity was next same symptoms from 8:30pm to 11pm Tuesday, and stayed home Wed. to recover.
Round 3 Jeremy, woke up with it this morning, minus puking and trade in for a fever. Still suffering at last check.
Oh boy.
Jeremy had a rough week last week with lots of bad news, but illness has atleast distracted him.
Blessings to you all, and please pray for a lysol bomb to hit my house.

Jan 13, 2010

God's little eleves

I don't know that God has elves, but we've been struck by a Godly elf today.
Thank you so much you or you all who have done God's work today.
I'm so very grateful!

Jan 7, 2010

Jan 5, 2010

We'll the kids are home!!

I'm hoping to post some photos soon, but wanted to reassure everyone that Jeremy and Anora are home safe and sound. They had a safe travel, and fun time! I'm glad they're home.
They went to a indoor play area, and The big cheesy pizza place. Jeremy did some work on his mom's computer. And Anora taught the dogs who was boss, then Tootsie knocked her down, on his way to get a cat. She's fine.
Now Jeremy is using the last week of his break to do a little job hunting, and apply for seminary, and put our name out there for a landlord.
And Anora went back to school today.
Thanks for your prayers and checking on me. Keep your eyes out for photos of their trip.