Oct 11, 2010

Inspection today.

House inspection didn't go well. They want us to cover the basement floor somehow. With plastic and gravel or put down a thin layer of cement.It needs electrical work too though we don't know what yet.This is all so the buyer to get his FHA loan. Would've been nice to know all this before we left town, and could've fixed it ourselves. We offered to get the inspection when we still had money and so there was no surprises. But we were reassured it wasn't necessary, so now surprise!

Jeremy is out walking it off. I'm spilling my guts.

Maybe we'll just come back to do the work ourselves, but would only have 1 day to get it all done and 2 days to drive. Or maybe we'll hire it done. But closing was scheduled for the eom, and it needs inspected again before that. So we've got like 1 or 2 weekends to get it done. And I've already made plans for my birthday weekend, though it could be canceled. Grrr.

Hoping for some inspiration. I certainly don't have an answer, nor should anyone else, just venting here.