Jun 25, 2010

oh boy

Well our house is a little crazy these days!! Literally the house is still for sale, showing today and tomorrow, and offered it back to the first person who wouldn't come up in price again, but now she won't return her own realtor's calls.

Anora has just finished swim lessons. She enjoyed them but alas couldn't float on her back, and didn't pass yet this year.
She'll be starting our church's vbs next week. that should be fun! She loves all the teen councilors! And Jeremy might be able to take that time finally do something, anything, he's wanted to accomplish this summer.

Jeremy has been busy trying to find people to fill his shoes at church. He's been cleaning and showing the house for sale. And well, Anora is a full time job all on it's own. He's worked his old job a couple times now at West, and he'll be doing it a couple more times.

I'm looking forward to being done at work, still not counting the days, but have my last day penciled on my calendar. I have been job hunting though. Have been turned down by 3 places for sure now, and have an interview July 3rd for a part time job with the Church. I hope to get it, but it's only part time, and would need an additional part time job then. So the hunt continues.
I had a huge up for me. I told the story of me and God yesterday to some co workers. It was the first time I've said how and why I love God to people who where not really believers! I have the will to go on for another week.

My aunt Karen pass away today. She's had cancer for many years and had been really suffering with it the last month. Please pray for her husband and 4 kids and 10 grand kids ( I think that's the count anyway)

Jun 8, 2010

still showing

Well, I haven't writen because there isn't much to update.
We're still showing the house a couple times a week. I'm totally ready to be done. I'm tired of cleaning, and tired of hiding out "stuff". So that is the next big hurdle a head of us to tackle.

Anora happily came home from church to shout the good news, 6 weeks till the move. *hit in the gut* I had been counting. So promptly counted and was somwhat releived to find it's closer to 7 weeks.

I'm filling out a few job aps and have put out a few resume's. Nothing too stressing in that area yet though.

If you haven't already heard our plan is to pack truck 7/23 and drived 7/24 and unload 7/25. So please put us on your calendar if you're able to help!

Blessings for you, I'll keep ya'all updated when we have any updates.