Jul 18, 2008

OH, so long.

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted. While we haven't really done much any day, it's been so long I'm sure there is a ton to report on.

We have a stuffed up kitchen drain. We've been having problems with it getting slower and slower to drain. So yesterday I took apart the pipes and made sure they were clear. After a lot of headache. They were clear. So the problem is beyond me. I'm waiting to hear back from the plumber now.

This morning though I got a call from my good friend/neighbor. She had been to a good garage sale. So Anora and I went. We spent $11 but came away with a lot of jeans and some shirts. All of them are school quality(4 weeks and counting). Anora couldn't wait to wear them.
After the garage sale we came home, I was dripping in sweat. So she played in her pool a ton. She floated and kicked, and put her face in. I was so excited. I took way too many pictures and video.

Speaking of pictures, I'm uploading a slide show, and on it there are pictures of Jeremy cutting down our tree single handed, Anora playing with her friend, and also our cat outside. Just general summer fun.

We've been strangely social lately. On Sunday we went out with a couple to brunch. It was a ritzy brunch. But so good. And I was glad to get to know them better. And then later that night, we had a guy friend from church over. Very different atmosphere. Home made pizza, mess house, and a movie. It was a lot of fun!

The day before, Saturday, we went to a friend/relation of mine. We had great food and a real relaxing time. Anora got to bug other people, and therefore was an angel. And Jeremy and I played a new game to us. Ladder golf. Jeremy has it all planned out in his mind to make one for here at home.

Jeremy is doing well. Working a lot, but not too much. He hasn't hit summer panic yet, so that will still be coming.
He is the most wonderful husband. This last week in anticipation of his dad coming to visit I've been spending most of my time scanning family photos into the computer. That way the photos can go back home with him. But our scanner would crash repeatedly and I finally just couldn't do it anymore! I was quickly losing my mind. He gave me permission to stop scanning them. Do you ever just need permission to do, or not do something? I did. I felt about 20 lbs lift from my chest.
So anyway, the 100's of pictures I had done already are burnt to cd for his brother and dad and us.

Our VBS will be coming up 28-31st. I'm excited to help with that. I love helping, and not being in charge. And that is exactly how this event works. I get to do a lot, and enjoy myself, without thinking it will fall apart due to me.

I'm straining my brain to think of what else we've been up to. But I'm afraid I just can't access that part of my brain.

Please pray for stray teens. As being a former misfit, I know there is nothing any man can do to fix them, please pray they let God in and let Him help. God Bless

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