Jun 16, 2008

OH my girl!

It's been a couple of months since I talked much about school. It's summer after all, so I didn't have to think about it. But last week a woman from school called and offered to have Anora come to a play time at school. I jumped at the chance. Not to mention the chance to have some over due quiet/cleaning time, but Anora does much better being prepared before starting anything new. It starts today and lasts all week, just for a couple of hours. So this morning we got ready early and went out 5 minutes early for the bus. Apparently the bus was also 5 minutes early, cause it met us at the sidewalk! I snapped a couple of pictures and she was off. So many new things for her.

We even have swimming lessons this week. We had to move them later in the morning due to school. So it'll be a busy week!

I figured we'd have a hard time getting use to being ready 1 full hour earlier than we had to for preschool. But we really didn't. I didn't let her watch cartoons during breakfast like she usually would. That cut a 1/2 hour right there. I think she is ready for this.

I can't believe how fast she is growing!

On another topic, the floods of Iowa. We are ok. We're not really effected yet. If the river Jeremy crosses to get to the cities goes over the 4 lane highway, we'll have problems. But so far so good. Even our family is ok so far as we know. But a lot of our church friends, have friends and kids that are displaced due to the floods. Or even in once case, they don't have much water, so came a very long way home to wash clothes and take showers.

Please keep praying for those who have been evacuated or losing their possessions. I pray they turn to God. He can't be washed away or mold or mildew.

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