Aug 22, 2008

Hang on Dorothy, we're going for a ride!

What a completely crazy week. I'm in full hyper mode!
We started off the week with Anora's first day of school. Not too much there. I had to bribe her with cookies to get just a little information out of her. But I think it went well. She subsequently went again on Wednesday. And other than a thermos leak, it seemed to go well. She's made friends with a girl, and hasn't come home crying yet.

While she was at school I redecorated her room. 2 coats of 2 different colors of paint. Wall decor, and rearranged her bed and closet. She likes it, and it is super cute. More big girl room, less nursery.

But while Tuesday started off well with a good meeting with Moms4Moms, it crashed soon after. After trying to find a checkbook discrepancy, to no avail mind you, I decided to run our credit reports. I do it yearly, and though taking a little time, it's not hard. But I almost missed it, but on 1 of the 3 for me, they have my name changed, and there are 2 loans that don't belong to me. One of the loans is large. I panicked right away, and tried to fix it every way the credit burrow listed, as well as calling the police.

Then after going to the police station, Anora and I went to the park. I was trying to cool off and calm down. Then I heard some strangers behind me making some wrong assumptions about Anora's school class. I was a wreck all over again. After trying to drag Anora home. I didn't get any better. And still couldn't bring myself to tell Jeremy what I had heard at the park. I just couldn't make the words come together. I'm still mad and upset.

But, Wednesday while Anora was at school I got the house clean, and my brain straightened out. I spent time in prayer, and find cleaning to be very theraputic. Then quickly Anora got home.
I made supper and right at supper time, my father-in-law and Nancy arrived. It was great seeing them. Fred and I cooked together, and it was just a real nice visit. Anora sometimes plays favorites, but didn't this visit. They'll be back in a couple days, and I can't wait.

Alas they left this morning, just in time for me to do some "helps" at the church. I love to help, especially when it's wanted. (Too often I help when noone asked for it) I put some names on some books, helped out with Jeremy's music, and helped Pas. clean out his cupboards. It was nice, though I fear I bugged him far too much.

Now, I'm going to pray my day keeps going well, and go fry 10# of chicken for a picnic tomorrow.
God Bless, And though I haven't done it for a while, I'll ask you to pray.
Please pray for people who are desperate enough to steal money.

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