Jun 23, 2008

Be who you are...

What DLF is…

We are a quilted cross.

We’re soft to the touch.

We’re comforting and warm, even soothing.

Some might even call us shabby chic.

We’re made up of pieces stitched together.

There are strips added in to hide our ugly seams.

We’re homemade right in God’s house.

When the sun shines we really reflect God’s light.

We’re multicolored of talents, gifts, young and old.

Though we’ve all been poked with needles, when we’re together you can no longer see our holes.

We’re not an intimidating cross with slivers, or eyes looking down in judgment.

We have compass points show our forgiveness. “As far as the East is from the West.”

When you’re lost or falling away, wrap our cross around you, it’s why we are here.

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