Mar 30, 2009

junk for sale

So after a month of cleaning out the house of unused stuff, we had our garage sale Saturday. We started with 4 tables and quickly realized "are you kidding!" So we had to get 4 more. But we made double of our hopes. It was cold, and we closed early when it started sleeting. But God was good and provided well. Today I took what was left to Goodwill. We still have a small chest freezer and a nice table saw. 

Saturday night our cat nearly ate our hamster. He's still alive, but is wounded, he can't run on his wheel. His days are numbered. 

Oh, an update on college. Jeremy has met with the community college. Their schedule won't be out for a while yet. So plans are on hold for the move. There are goods and bads about moving or staying. We really can't make any decisions or plans till we know what a school year would look for him. 

That is what our house is like, I'm relishing my dwindling days as a stay at home mom.


Mar 19, 2009


So, I have a little mini ity bitty job right now. I'm cleaning up a house, not mine, and getting it ready for sale. It's preparing me for the prepping of our house for sale. I'm doing some painting, washing windows, and general scrubbing. I'm tired, but it feels good to be doing something, and helping at the same time.

Next week Anora has spring break. No big plans, but she'll spend a few days with grandma & grandpa while we clean out the house for a garage sale. I'm ready to purge!

Well, Anora is home and demanding attention. God Bless you.

Mar 15, 2009

My week

Well, I've spent a lot of my time on two things maily this week. Painting the stairs in preperation for selling the house.

And quilting and binding a quilt.  Mom had embroidered the deer, and gave them, and some material to me for Christmas. I think it turned out real well. I think it will go to a good friend, but I'm not sure if it's good enough to give yet. It was a big experiment. I tried hand quilting, I realized in a hurry, I'm not a hand quilter. It's also the first time I used my darning/embroidery foot, and that is a little weird in some places. 

This week I have no idea what to do.

Nothing is new on the moving front. The local community college isn't returning Jeremy's calls, so they don't seem be wanting/ or needing us. I also worked on my resume and references this week.They're ready if I should need them. 

Hope you all have a good week. Please pray for my friend Sarah and her son Micah. He's having medicle problems. 

Mar 9, 2009

update & clarification

So, we had a pretty normal weekend. 

Saturday, we went to the church and put out the music for Sunday and spent some time talking with a friend. It was really nice. 

Then we went shopping for Mp3 players and paint for in the house.I have always like my iPod, and thought I'd have to try to get a cheep iPod. But instead I picked out an Mp3 player that shows video and pictures and holds a ton of photos. We changed all our purchased music into mp3's so I didn't even lose any of my music! I doubts but it worked. Jeremy is real happy with the one he got too. His was 5$ cheaper, but doesn't do as much. 

Then yesterday Jeremy was attached to computers all day. The church computer doing his weekly recordings, his to explain how to do all the weekly recordings, and then ours to get it to network with his. Yikes. He wasn't much company for the day. 

This week we look forward to trying to meet with the local community college, and our 'money' guy, to see how to pay for it all!

I may not have been clear last time I posted about our speed bump. We know Jeremy will need something like 32 credits of community college. So, though we don't know where yet, he'll go to college full time for a year, while I work. Then after that year (2 semesters) he'll go to seminary full time. Jeremy looks forward to working part time during school, but I think we'll need him to stay with Anora after school to avoid daycare. But I suppose that all depends on our jobs, I may be getting a head of myself. But we're undaunted, and still looking forward to him going to school.  We have reasons for staying in DeWitt (several really), but several for moving too. As long as God is with us, we can't go wrong. 

Mar 4, 2009

We're back from our trip to the great white north! I have so much to tell, so bare with me. 

We got there in great time. 8 hours! We went to Steve & Barb's. It's not hard to find at all, and it's a real nice house. We unloaded the truck we drove. It had some things of thier's from their move. Then went in to warm up. It was a bit colder, but not shocking. But the snow was surprising. We left brown grass here, but up there there is at least6" everywhere not counting drifts and plow mounds.

The next morning we went to church. It was really nice. Small, but the people were almost as welcoming as here. But they all seemed real nice, and Anora was playing with a little girl by the time we left. Jeremy met someone from the seminary and talked with him a lot. And I met a few women. They had good coffee, though slightly weak. 

Then after church we spent the day with Barb & Steve. She fixed a big meal and had a fancy table. It was so nice. Then they took us for a nap, or drive, depending who you asked. Anora, Micah, and Barb napped. The rest of us learned the streets and layout of town. 

Then we went to the President of the Seminary's home and met him and his wife and also Professor Erickson. What wonderful people! It was nice. We had pizza and good discussion. 

The next day was Jeremy's trip to the seminary. We got a little surprising news, and that gave us a little speed bump. We had the understanding that Jeremy could take his general ed. courses at the same time as seminary. But there is a very recent change where he has to complete his gen. ed. before attending seminary. So, now things are slowing down, and waiting on God to show our next step. "we" still want to move. But we want to make sure that is what we "should" do. 

But after that we still met with the community college and liked what they had to say. And we still met with the realtor, and we like what he had to say, and are still having him send us info.

And then we went to Anora's potential new school. The building was nice. And the people we met were great. But another surprising bit of info, their Kindergarten is only Mon, Wed, Fri. unless you pay (a lot). So if we move this year, we have to decide on 2 days of day care/week or paying for 5 day school. 

I took refuge at Barb's house a lot of that Monday after we ran our errands. We also price, that day, health insurance. Ouch!!! I didn't like what I heard there one bit. Jeremy later said it wasn't unreasonable. But there is just such a thing as too much reality. And Monday I hit that point. 

We had dinner with Barb and Steve too. They were so wonderful to us. 

Then we made it home in just over 8 hours, more potty stops on the way back. 

There you have it our whirl wind, dizzy, looking for a lantern, up to knees in snow, 4 wheel drive, weekend trip. 

God bless you for reading all this rambling. 

PS. somewhere a long the way Jeremy lost his iPod and morning that more than anything else. 

Mar 1, 2009

Here in Fergus

So, we're in town for a visit and business.
But it's been a strange health weekend so far. Both of us have had what can only be described as sinus attacks. Our noses are plugging, and draining, and in my case, gagging me. Jeremy's getting wiped out though. I hope we start feeling better. I'm really glad that I thought to bring the sinus medicine with us, or we'd be miserable!

We're due at church in an hour. I'm a little nervous, but looking forward to it. Meeting new people isn't usually my thing, but I'm really quite calm. And well, Jeremy is snoring!

We're planning on spending the day with Barb & Steve. We saw them a little last night, and peppered them with our stockpile of questions. They look good! Then tonight we get to go to the President of the school's house for dinner. We've felt very welcome!

Then tomorrow while Jeremy is at the school, I've got a list so daunting I can't even start to describe. Errands mostly, but I think we'll start the morning at Anora's new school. I hoping to get a tour. I think it'll make Anora more excited, and something to look forward to.
We have appointments at the community college and with a Realtor tomorrow too.

Pray we find some humidity for our sinuses!