Aug 27, 2008

Papa visited

Well, we had a great time with a whirlwind visit with Jeremy's dad. They stopped on the way to and from Branson Mo.
I'll post some pictures of our visit. We had a mini birthday for Anora, and played with friends. Anora's favorite part was listening to Papa's stories.
God bless!

Aug 22, 2008

Hang on Dorothy, we're going for a ride!

What a completely crazy week. I'm in full hyper mode!
We started off the week with Anora's first day of school. Not too much there. I had to bribe her with cookies to get just a little information out of her. But I think it went well. She subsequently went again on Wednesday. And other than a thermos leak, it seemed to go well. She's made friends with a girl, and hasn't come home crying yet.

While she was at school I redecorated her room. 2 coats of 2 different colors of paint. Wall decor, and rearranged her bed and closet. She likes it, and it is super cute. More big girl room, less nursery.

But while Tuesday started off well with a good meeting with Moms4Moms, it crashed soon after. After trying to find a checkbook discrepancy, to no avail mind you, I decided to run our credit reports. I do it yearly, and though taking a little time, it's not hard. But I almost missed it, but on 1 of the 3 for me, they have my name changed, and there are 2 loans that don't belong to me. One of the loans is large. I panicked right away, and tried to fix it every way the credit burrow listed, as well as calling the police.

Then after going to the police station, Anora and I went to the park. I was trying to cool off and calm down. Then I heard some strangers behind me making some wrong assumptions about Anora's school class. I was a wreck all over again. After trying to drag Anora home. I didn't get any better. And still couldn't bring myself to tell Jeremy what I had heard at the park. I just couldn't make the words come together. I'm still mad and upset.

But, Wednesday while Anora was at school I got the house clean, and my brain straightened out. I spent time in prayer, and find cleaning to be very theraputic. Then quickly Anora got home.
I made supper and right at supper time, my father-in-law and Nancy arrived. It was great seeing them. Fred and I cooked together, and it was just a real nice visit. Anora sometimes plays favorites, but didn't this visit. They'll be back in a couple days, and I can't wait.

Alas they left this morning, just in time for me to do some "helps" at the church. I love to help, especially when it's wanted. (Too often I help when noone asked for it) I put some names on some books, helped out with Jeremy's music, and helped Pas. clean out his cupboards. It was nice, though I fear I bugged him far too much.

Now, I'm going to pray my day keeps going well, and go fry 10# of chicken for a picnic tomorrow.
God Bless, And though I haven't done it for a while, I'll ask you to pray.
Please pray for people who are desperate enough to steal money.

Aug 18, 2008

First Day!!

I've got all kinds of news!
1. Anora is off to school by herself! Here are the pictures. She was so excited I couldn't get her to turn around so I could take a picture by the bus. She sat in the front seat. You might see another boy in pictures too. He was going to Kindergarten, and I got to meet his family.
2. I have to have about the nicest neighbor. Reality wise, and Godly wise. She brought me over biscotti to go with my tear filled coffee.
3. Fred, my father-in-law is on his way for a visit! I'm jazzed. It's been a long time. And it'll be a kind of Collage of visit. But it couldn't really work out better for this time of year. Anora will have Thur off school to spend with him. And Jeremy will finagle a little time off to spend with him too. How great!
4. I had an answer to prayer this weekend when a friend e mailed to notify me of a prayer group to pray for kids/school! I had totally prayed for that.
5. As soon as I get back I'm going to demolish Anora's room, paint it. Redecorate it, and surprise Anora with it. I'm hoping to be mostly done by the time she gets home. I need some distraction.

God bless you for reading my rantings if you made it this far!

Aug 15, 2008

Ah, school.

Well, last night we went to her school and class room. We put away her school supplies, and met with the teacher briefly. We found her cubby and hook too. We just realized the other day, there are 4 girls in her class (including her) out of a class of 15.
She has a neat big room. And a really cool teacher. Anora was a little scared of her, but not as much as she is of some people. She even asked to draw on the bored while we talked. And she said it out loud! Wow. I think she'll do great.

She had to see the school library before we left. I don't know how much she'll get to use it this year, but she was jazzed. And we found all her favorites.

She goes on Monday, and then on Wed. and Friday this week. But only Tues and Thur the next week. Then will be her birthday, and then full time to school. But today was the last day of Wilson pretend school boot camp. I won't try to stay too strict on her off days. She's liable to be like a small dictatorship and revolt!
I think we're ready. I didn't know about pencil boxes or water bottles before last night. But I've got a box if she needs one, and we went out and bought her 2 water bottles that don't leak in her bag.
I packed her lunch the last 2 days. To make sure she could open all the containers and would remember to pick up after herself. She's struggling with the thermos. I think she'll eventually be ok though. But the containers I bought especially for her cooler are too big. But I had some in the back of the cupboard that are rarely used that seemed to work today. I want it all ready so I don't have to think too hard at 6am.

We even did a bus drop off practice. I drove her in the truck around town. And then dropped her at the stop and told her to go home. She wouldn't walk though, till I left for home first. I can't tell if she just followed the truck, or if she knew the way on her own. But I'll be there the first few weeks away at least.
Well she's gone running out the door. God Bless!

Aug 11, 2008

Summer ending, snif, snif

It's just a crazy time in my head right now.
Let me start with what we've been doing, and the most noticeable. Then I might move to the deeper recesses of my mind. It's kinda like a carnival freak show.

Last week Anora got sick for one day. It was harsh, but fast. The next day she was fully recovered. So recovered in fact, we took her 5 year old pictures. We took them at a local Christian camp. Another day we spent at my parents'. That same day she got her kindergarten vaccines.
Other than that it's been pretty quiet. Mostly because Jeremy has been working a ton of hours.

But big for the day, we did everything on school's schedule. Awake, ready, walk to bus stop, we went to the playground, did some work book, and reading. Just all around had a "school day". She couldn't have any cartoons till 3pm. She was not happy about that. But the worse part of the day came at nap/quiet time. She wanted bed rather than her school nap rug. She wanted her big squishy pillow, nope not at school. And she just generally needed sleep but wouldn't lay on the floor long enough to sleep. So after a field trip to the post office and at 3pm I turned on the cartoons and came to the computer. Very soon after that, I got this picture of her snoozing away. I think she'll have a 3 pm nap for the next few weeks. She looks so sweet when she sleeps. At least till she slobbers.
Wish us luck getting ready for school. We register for school tomorrow. And Thur we go to her class room to take her supplies and talk with the teacher. I'm so jazzed. And yet scared.

That tangent leads me to the dark recesses of my mind. So much is going to change in a week. I don't have to eat when she does. I don't have to plan my day around her schedule (cartoons). I don't have to wait for her before I go somewhere during the day. I have a few projects lined up. Painting and decorating her room for her birthday, helping out a friend, sorting toys at church. And some more touches on a quilt. Maybe even trying to sew a skirt for her or me. But it just seems like such a shock. Everything is going to change, at least till next summer. I suppose this is what parents feel like when their youngest goes off to school, well she is my youngest, and oldest/first. I'm completely paranoid of getting bored. I don't want a job. I want to walk her to the bus and home. I want to hear all about her day. I want to be here while she does homework. I want her to be able to have friends over after school (in a few years). But if I'm bored I may resort to drastic measures. Jeremy has told me before, I'm not very nice when I have a job. I'm not very flexible, and I have to have my way. I don't see how it much different than here at home.

Well, I feel better. Keep an eye out for pictures probably arriving. God Bless.

Aug 1, 2008

VBS slide show

A great week

DLF (dear little fellow) had a record number of kids at our Vacation Bible School. We had over 80 older kids and 18 younger kids. There were a few injuries. But I think there was a lot of loving God too. It was just neat to see. And the energy from the kids is infectious. I had a blast! I ran my tail off, but I also got to know my friends better working with them.

As I write this, Anora is at her Grandma & Grandpa's. So I get a day off.

Tomorrow is our family reunion, and I'll get her back then already.

I'll post a video or pictures. I hope it brings a smile to your face.