Feb 29, 2008


This week Jeremy started working new hours. He has been working 10 hour days, 7:30-6 with Fridays off. So today was his first 'at home Friday'. We took Anora to school, more on that, and then we got groceries and did a little shopping. It was so nice to have a little help. I could keep shopping while he waited for the meats. And when I forgot something, he could just go back for it. And I didn't have to stand there and try to decide 'what would Jeremy like'? I could just ask him. Anora is completely jazzed to have him here too. I grumbled all week about the idea of him working till 6, cause he doesn't get home till 6:45. That doesn't leave much time at night to get to our engagements. But I totally admit having him home on Fridays is really nice and just might be a good trade off. He can spend the mornings with us and work or play in the garage all afternoon.
Anora went back to school today. 2 illnesses and a lot of snow days in one short month make school feel like a rare event. She's back on antibiotic for an ear ache though. But she's smiling and is excited again. It's nice to see. But she's laying in bed coughing right now. Not so good to hear. It was hat day, we'd hate to miss hat day.Tomorrow she has a friend's birthday party. It's at a Gymnasium. She's real excited!
Just one day of normalcy and the addition of Jeremy home, has done wonders for my mental health too. I feel ready to live again, as long as I can have a cough drop too.
I must say, It's 47degrees out side and the sun is shining bright. Water is running down the street around the glaciers. The Weather girl used the made up word of Melty this morning. I like it. MELTY.

Feb 27, 2008

My girl is back

Well it seems like the longest 5 days, but the health of my house is looking better. Anora hasn't had a fever at all today. And though being a little spoiled by all the attention. And a little grumpy from the scattered sleep she has been a good girl. We've moved some of her toys around the house today and played a little. I'm looking forward to getting us both out of here tomorrow. Fingers crossed and pray to God, neither of us get bad again. We both still have a little runny nose. And I have a rare, but powerful cough. I'm ready to go, anywhere!

Also an update from several days ago. I made Anora a Purple Pillow. It has been a success. She's asked for Pink back a couple times, but she knows she'll get it back when she's old like me.

Please pray for my friend that is having some medical tests done, good luck Bob.

Feb 26, 2008

Curled up with a warm... computer?

Today is the 3rd annual 'Shannon watches trade deadline' For the last 3 years I've sat by my computer and listened to hockey's coverage of the trade deadline. I then bug all my fellow hockey fans with e mail updates. Keeping them from working, but keep them up with their favorite players.
I really enjoy it. It's something I understand, that not everyone does. A little rush is involved when you have a fantasy team too. Will my fantasy team change with the movement of one of my players?
This year I'm wondering and researching what will happen to the metro mommies when my Brad Richards goes from Tampa Bay to Dallas Stars.
And though he's not on my fantasy team, Wade Belak is the physical defender of my favorite team Maple Leafs. Well, he was, now he's on a flight for Florida Panthers. What does this mean for the leafs? will they be weak? Will other physical teams roll right over us now with no precautions?
It seems I have a lot less people to e mail this year. In the last 6 months I've lost 3 of my favorite hockey fans due to them moving away. Sad :-( Thats what you get when you count on your husband job to make friends.
On the mommy front, I'm not feeling as confident or happy. Anora woke up feeling great. Her fever was gone, and she was on top of the world. The end was in sight. I was telling her that she could go to school and Kids Klub tomorrow. I spoke too quickly. While eating a few bites of lunch her temp jumped over 100 again. NOOOOO. I get to look forward to another day stuck in the house. I have to bow out of helping at the church with a few things too. I hate changes in the plans. I know Anora is just as frustrated, and wouldn't be sick if she could help it. But it's still frustrating not being able to change it.
And just when I feel like I must run out of the house screaming and crying. Jeremy sends me an e card thanking me for the job I'm doing. You gotta love a man with timing. Giving me just enough motivation to stay put and keep my sanity for a few more hours.

Please pray to God for a Dr. who will cure the flu and then the common cold.

Feb 25, 2008

Where is spring

I need to get the windows open! Actually I have a couple open anyway. Its 64 degrees in the house and 32.4 outside and falling. I seem to be on the mend. But I've moved from patient to nurse. Anora has now come down with the flu (or what ever it is.) It seems to be short lived. So we may be able to avoid the Dr. But Anora is missing school today, but she is too tired to care. According to Jeremy, a lot of my church congregation was out Sunday sick. I have a feeling we passed it all around Wed at the lent service. The price we pay for being socialites. ;-)

We have some weather threatening us again. After a beautiful weekend I didn't get to enjoy, we're expecting 6-8 inches of snow, AGAIN. I'm tired of ice, and snow, and stocking caps (tukes) and closed houses.

On a separate note I must talk hockey a little. One of my favorite players is all the talk in hockey circle this week. Mats Sundin has produced the most points for the Leafs this year along with my fantasy team Metro Mommies. He has produced 25 points already this season on Que for a 50 point season, which awesome. And to top it off he is the captain at 37 years old. He has played with the leaf almost, if not all, his career. And now that the Leafs are in trouble the want to sell him off the the highest bidder to get new younger players the next few years. Sound familiar, sell or fire the high price good guy for more less experienced players. But here is the thing. He has a no trade clause. That means he has to give his permission to be sold to some other team. And he's not doing it. I see it as company loyalty. He lives there, and works there, he doesn't want shipped off to somewhere else. Good for him. This is exactly why player have this clause. They don't want to play for just anyone. They want the option of staying. I don't think it's fair for the Leafs and the media to keep nagging him to leave "for the good of the losing team" He is the only good, with the exclusion of the goalie, on the team right now. Don't throw him away respect and celebrate his loyalty.
Keep travelers in your prayers today, namely Jeremy.

Feb 24, 2008

I'm sick

I'm not a woman who get sick easily. I can usually tough it out and pretend nothing is wrong. I think most moms are that way. But not this time. It hit me hard Friday night. I started coughing and having asthma symptoms. I figured the cat just needed washed and that I must have forgotten to take my allergy medicine. But I woke up Sat with a fever and an terrible cough. My head was banging and it felt like it was floating 2 feet above my body. I napped a lot. Bless Jeremy, he took care of everything for me. And again this morning I woke up with a fever. I can't decide if I'm cold or hot. I just feel gross. I feel like a walking contaminate. I keep standing up to do something, laundry or dishes or something and am too dizzy.
I feel useless. Jeremy wants me to go to the Dr. I like my Dr, but I still hate admitting I need one.
I have been including a prayer note in all my post. I ask you to pray for people who are far more sick than myself.

Feb 22, 2008

Pink Pillow

The story of the blankie. Probably 3 years ago now, Anora was given a blanked from her Great Aunt Mary. Simple but pink, and large. She loved it right away.
When she got good at walking she would cover her head and pretend to be a pink ghost. After she hit too many walls and kept tripping over it, it got reduced to about 3foot square. When we got tired of taking it everywhere we turned it into a Pink Pillow, and a doll.

The doll became too precious to carry around all the time. Finally we found an opportunity to take it away and stash it. She had left it in a hotel room as we were checking out. Despite the fact that we found it on a final sweep of the room, we let her think it’s gone.

Now we have also added Pink Heart for traveling, camping, and a back up to the Pink Pillow.

But she has said recently that she wants a new Pink Pillow but that it should be purple-Pink Pillow this time. Pink Pillow has been washed a lot, isn’t soft or fuzzy anymore. It’s a little like looking at the winner of the ugliest dog competition.

So today I’ve bought the materieal and lace to make a purple Pink Pillow. I’m sure she’ll like it. But it won’t feel or smell like PinkPillow, thank goodness. We’ll have to see if she’ll love it as much. And even more dangerously, will she give up old Pink Pillow.

Wish me luck on this daunting task.

Praise the lord for sunshine and melting.

Feb 21, 2008

Suddenly Crazy

Well, I can't beleive it. I have been married for 10 years (nearly) and have lived in the same house for 7 year, and have been a mom for 4 years. In almost 3 years my schedule consisted of 1 thing. Anora. Wake her, feed her, drive her, entertain her, train her. But now in the last few months I found something. A life! I think I can trace it back to the church, leading to the harder drug called of 'moms4moms'. I got addicted to it and now have made (sharp inhale) friends. I've gone from doing nothing, and thinking it was a waste of a good shirt to get dressed, to going out nearly 3 times a week.
Tuesday "m4m" leaders meeting, last night Kids Klub and Church and tonight a friend's house!
3 reasons to be dressed, not including the grocery store! Granted I take Anora to preschool 3 times a week, more on that later, but sleeping pants and a stocking cap are just fine for that.
I can't wait, adult (not R rated) conversation and showing at looking at wedding pictures and old hair dos.
I still love my sleeping pants and often choose to still wear them, but you might actually catch me accelerating to (another deep inhale) wearing make-up! What kind of crazy fast pace living is this?
You know, I think I found something else too. It's under my nose, a smile.

Now back to preschool. We're paying a lot (in Wilson terms) for her preschool and yet she has missed like 4 of the 7 available days this month already due to the community school canceling or being 2 hours late start. Great for them, but I'm still paying for that. I don't pay by the day, but by the month. She and I have both made friends through the school, and as Master Card says that "priceless", but it sure cost a lot of mullah while she watching way too many cartoons. But I guess that complaint is all over the Midwest this snowy, icy year.

Please pray for the people wrapped up in the Serbia, Kosivo uprising.

Check out my Slide Show!

Feb 20, 2008

Sick of cold

This picture isn't even our last snow fall. But, it just keeps piling up. We usually have a turn about in our drive, but it has shrunk in with hard snow. The truck has to back all the way down the drive and you have to be more talented than me to do it with the car. Well today was all of 8 degrees f. I have to say the sun shining is a nice touch. Despite the cold there is eve a little melting going on.

I'm already making plans for the summer. There is a campground near our friends' the Frobishs that seams nice (according to their web site anyway). I'm dreaming of camping!
Today is Kids Klub. We'll be taking about 25 kids bowling. I'm a little nervous, cause it's my first time helping. But I think it will be a lot of fun.
Right after that we'll be celebrating Lent with our friends at church. Last week Pastor Paul sang, and quizzed us, followed by a talk on Colosians 2:15 I think it was. But that was a full week ago, Mommy brain prevents me from remembering that far back. I must remember to ask him what the ashes for Ash Wednesday are for. We don't actually use them here, but I'm clueless as to what they mean.
You might find that I write too often. Trust me, that won't last. Anora is all about Potty humor right now, so if you think I write too much, I could always let her tell you all about her gas.

We have 2 friends in the hospital, both with heart problems. Please pray for them.

First Posting

Well, this is the inaugural posting. I can't figure out a whole web site, no mater how many times Jeremy shows me. Maybe a blog is something I can use to keep everyone updated easier. I hope you check in and see pictures and a little slice of our daily life. My thought is that I'll keep this updated at least weekly. But as a busy mom and volunteer, for everything, We'll have to see just how committed I am. I can't wait to play with this, and want to hear your feedback too.