Jun 27, 2008

happy but busy

I apologize for my lack of attention. The house is a happy busy house.
Last 2 weeks, Anora has had swimming lessons and programs through the library.

And 4th of July is quickly sneaking up on us. I'm starting to believe the 4th is a cruel joke. It's right at the beginning of the month. So you're preparing for June to wind down, you flip the page and BAM there' the 4th just 3 days away! I and my friend Betti are trying to pull together a float for the church, but it's looking like a pointless battle. I'm thinking it's not worth the head and heart ache. And don't forget the sweat, and muscles involved. And time! I'm a beaten woman.

That's about us for now. When I get some pictures, or something to report on the float I'll update you.

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