Aug 15, 2008

Ah, school.

Well, last night we went to her school and class room. We put away her school supplies, and met with the teacher briefly. We found her cubby and hook too. We just realized the other day, there are 4 girls in her class (including her) out of a class of 15.
She has a neat big room. And a really cool teacher. Anora was a little scared of her, but not as much as she is of some people. She even asked to draw on the bored while we talked. And she said it out loud! Wow. I think she'll do great.

She had to see the school library before we left. I don't know how much she'll get to use it this year, but she was jazzed. And we found all her favorites.

She goes on Monday, and then on Wed. and Friday this week. But only Tues and Thur the next week. Then will be her birthday, and then full time to school. But today was the last day of Wilson pretend school boot camp. I won't try to stay too strict on her off days. She's liable to be like a small dictatorship and revolt!
I think we're ready. I didn't know about pencil boxes or water bottles before last night. But I've got a box if she needs one, and we went out and bought her 2 water bottles that don't leak in her bag.
I packed her lunch the last 2 days. To make sure she could open all the containers and would remember to pick up after herself. She's struggling with the thermos. I think she'll eventually be ok though. But the containers I bought especially for her cooler are too big. But I had some in the back of the cupboard that are rarely used that seemed to work today. I want it all ready so I don't have to think too hard at 6am.

We even did a bus drop off practice. I drove her in the truck around town. And then dropped her at the stop and told her to go home. She wouldn't walk though, till I left for home first. I can't tell if she just followed the truck, or if she knew the way on her own. But I'll be there the first few weeks away at least.
Well she's gone running out the door. God Bless!

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