Jun 7, 2008

guess what we did today

We started the day camping but came home cause we were all crabby, and there was a chance of storms. Well the chance arrived! We had a little cell move through and took out 1/2 of our back pine tree and tons of our maple tree!
But her are the miracles! We were home, not camping, we moved the truck just in time. The camper wasn't hurt at all. The trees didn't do any real damage to the garage, porch or house. A few object like our umbrella were broken, but hey, that's fine. And that back pine, we hate, so I'm glad so much is gone.

And Praise God for helpful neighbors, and God parents. Our God Father and Mother and their son Caleb came and helped a ton!
Speaking of ton, we took 14 trucks to the compost. There was a line at the compost heap, and an endloader pushing the existing piles back to make room for more.

Though I don't know for sure, thank God no one in the storms was hurt.

This is copied out of local news. Where they 80 mph winds, is where we were camping this a.m. !

Severe weather pops up in the Quad Cities

QUAD CITIES -- This afternoon, doppler radar indicated a tornado, and a warning was issued. That initial warning expired at 2:30pm. At 1:50 this afternoon, a trained spotter reported a funnel cloud near Mediapolis, Iowa. Heavy rain and 60MPH wind gusts were reported at the Walmart in Muscatine at 2:06.

Trees were reported down in Oakville, Iowa at 2:22pm. A trained spotter reported 80MPH winds, damaging gas pumps in Parkview, Iowa.

Trees and powerlines were also reported down just northwest of Davenport along Highway 130.

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Four Little Boys..... said...

I am so glad no one was hurt. Mother Nature is letting us know she is not happy.