Jun 27, 2008

Maple whos?

Most of you who know me well, know that I'm a little crazy for the Toronto Mapleleafs hockey team. I even considered getting a tattoo of their logo for a long time.
But this is the year of the rebuild. And they have to destroy to rebuild. And they are taking a huge explosion to the whole team. The have gotten rid of all their marquee players in the last week. From my favorites of Darcy Tucker to the useless baggage of Raycroft. I'm shocked all the waivers, and buyouts that are happening. While it's a much needed rebuild, it's still surprising and a little scary. As of now I'm left with the winning goalie and a lot of young players still to prove their talent.
I hope it goes well. You may not see me flying my leaf flag as often while I wait with bated breath to see how the season goes. I'm not jumping from the bandwagon yet.

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