Oct 18, 2008


What a circle this week has been. Full of returns.
The most pressing to me is Coffee. I've had my first cup of coffee today since last Saturday! It feels so good. I was trying to get off it, and I'll still (try to)stay off it, but it's official. I'm addicted! Headache, muscle tense, agitated!

On Thursday, I made a return to our Library. The week before school started I returned all we had, knowing it would take us a while to get into a routine. I think we'll have time to visit the Library on Thursdays now. So I went to the Library on Thursday to get an arm load of books, CD's, and DVD's. I walked though, so I had to put back, or return, 1/2 of my armload. But it was nice being there again.

Friday had returns at Walmart. I went to get a few things, including material and notions for some skirts I want to make. I found the perfect materials. The zippers, and pretties, but couldn't find the hooks I need. So I had to return all the pretty material. No sense in giving them my good money when I'll still have to go to another store anyway. So sad.

The return of a big TV in our living room! A week or so ago our TV blew up, smoky wiring and all. So we waited till Jeremy got paid, and we invested in a nice new TV. It's really nice!!!
But, no more than we got a new TV on Thursday, we have to replace the heating element of our oven!! So Jeremy picked up a new one on the way to work this morning.

And our mattress goes back to the company sometime this week. We've had it just over a year, and the springs are out of place, and a seam is coming out. So a lady from the company came yesterday to look at it. So it'll be returned too.

This afternoon we look to return to Aunt Janet's cabin. It's been so long since we've been there. We'll be having a bon-fire and time with loved ones.

I pray you are all around your loved ones today too.

Let's see the TV was 11 years old, and the oven is 7 years old, I think our appliances have hit middle age, and are dieing early deaths.

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