Oct 27, 2008


I celebrated my birthday on Friday! It was great! Jeremy & Anora were both surgary sweet. After Jeremy got home from work I got to open my presents. Anora got me a clock that looks like an electric coffee pot, and some candles (yummy). And then Jeremy got me a under counter radio, it's nice and even has a remote control. My secret sister gave me 2 really inspiring books and a pretty towel and basket.

You know I never cared what things looked like or smelled like. Suddenly I'm becoming girly. I like soft things, candles, lotions, smells. Huh, this is what it's like to be a woman?

then for dinner we went to Buffalo wild wings. I loved it, big beer and big screen hockey. We couldn't hear it, but at least I got to see some. I liked the food too.

Then Saturday we used the nice weather to winterized outside. We put away a lot of our funiture, and drainted and winterized the camper. We only used it twice. How disapointing!
Sunday I was all grumpy, and the house was a mess so we stayed home and cleaned and read. Just had a quiet day.

Jeremy was busy with our computer though. Recently we copied and saved anything we might need and then deleted and reinstalled Windows. We've has some problems and successes since then. Sunday he did a lot of re installing and getting our programs back up and going. Then we couldn't use our old firefox browser. It just kept crashing. Jeremy downloaded and installed a new browser, and I think I'm in love. Opera is it's name. And it is user friendly, and super quick. Now I just need to figure out how to get a spell checker! Sorry for any excess of mis-spells.

God Bless you, don't blow away!

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Four Little Boys..... said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!