Oct 4, 2008

a day to complaine

While I have my health, and a lovely family. There is always something to complain about.
The network television has overlooked a downfall of the current economy. In all our downsizing, we've cut out our satellite. While we rarely miss it, I'm totally jonesing for some special programing.
In particular, HOCKEY'S CENTER ICE PACKAGE! Hockey season is about to start, a celebrated time in our house. But we have no view of it this year. It's the first time in 4 years we won't be seeing hockey. I'm a little lost. While all of our church programs get started, and we have family bonding nights, the viewing for a night was always easy, a game. But now we're trying to see all these new shows. Old ones we've lost touch with, and new ones we've never heard of. We just trying to follow the crowd and watch what everyone else likes. I do have one pleasure, the next day after a game I have the luxury to play the audio of the game on the computer while I do Moms4Moms or house cleaning.
Missing one luxury, God bless you.
go leafs, go

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