Jul 7, 2008

indepence day

We've had a wonderful weekend!
I last posted that I was working on a float for the church to go in the parade. That fell through, leaving us with no obligations! Independence!
So Thur night we pulled out to a camping spot. The weather was perfect, Anora behaved and left to play a lot. Jeremy and I got along wonderfully!
On Friday we took a long hike, and went to the swimming pool in the park. Then at dark we hunted out a place in the park to watch fireworks. We found a real interesting spot. I'm not telling where, I hope to use it again next year! But we were able to watch the firework, and listen and watch deer all at the same time. With none of the traffic or booms! Anora was so tired she really didn't want to stay and watch, but she finally quit complaining and we enjoyed ourselves.
On Saturday we had a great breakfast and then got ready to leave. God was good to us. We pulled out and parked at home with no frustration or even second tries.
We felt great about ourselves and couldn't just stay home. We're still not flush with money, but we decided to treat ourselves with a rare supper and an upgrade of a toy for Anora. We bought the makings for poutine and a real set of legos.
Pray for relief to all those who don't have or can't afford to run the air conditioner.

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