Dec 22, 2008


So, Sunday night was the big pagent. Anora has been practicing for weeks. I and Jeremy have been vollenteering to help for weeks. And now, it's DONE! I was real sceptical if they could pull it off, but they did. Anora played Mary, and had 2 lines at the beginging. I appologize for the poor quality. Between low batteries, and a caring inexperienced friend, it didn't turn out too well.
All the kids did well. We had 2 boys get snowed away, drifted into their homes. They were missed.
I'm sure I'll have much more to report after Christmas. Anora is home for a couple weeks for the holidays. I'll have more time for updates when she stays at my folks'.
God bless, and stay safe in the snow.

Dec 15, 2008

10 Lords a leaping or is that "Batteries Not Included"

So, I've got kinda big news. Last night Anora learned to tie her shoes. I think she was tired of us telling her she can't read and can't reach, and can't tie, I think she decided to fix one of those things. Jeremy showed her on his big boots first and then she moved onto her small shoes. She still needs a little practice before wearing tie shoes all the time. But she was so excited! And so were we.

She is also trying to memorize a line for the Christmas pageant too. She is excited, and knows most of it. She has the beginning, and remembers the end from last year. But she gets a little lost around the middle.

We've been doing a lot of church stuff this week. Kids Klub/Christmas program. Jeremy is doing sound and Shannon is doing props and costumes with Betti. And then we had supper there last Wed and this Wed.

We got snowed away from our Christmas party for Moms 4 Moms last week so we're trying to reschedule. We may get snowed out again.

That is about all for this week. It's been busy and tiring.

God bless you, and stay warm.

Dec 2, 2008

it's begining to look a lot like Christmas

This has been a couple of crazy weeks for the Wilsons.
Anora went home with my parents on Thanksgiving and came home on Sat am. Leaving me free as a bird or a jolly old elf on black friday. I shopped from 11-7! A full day's work. I felt like it when I was done too. But I found somethings I had given up on, and I even took some time for myself browsing the fabric store. Then Jeremy and I went out for a nice Tai dinner, and then shop for the shortest members of the family, Anora and the cat. It was fun. Parking was never too bad, and even shopping wasn't bad. I skipped all the early morning crazienss.
Then Mom and Dad brought Anora home, and we went out to breakfast. Then home, to decorate for Christmas. Jeremy even took time to install an outside outlet! We've wanted one for a long time, but he had the time and money, and motivation Saturday to do it. Then Sat night we sat down to a Thanksgiving meal for the 3 of us. Turkey, sweet potatos, stuffing, cranberries, and cream corn. Yum, so far we've had turkey soup, creamed turkey, and turkey salad for left overs, and froze some for later!
Then Monday I was happy to shovel everyone off to school and work!
Today I helped at a memorial for a friend of mine's mom. She passed away last week. It was a beautiful service. Death still makes me nervou, and all I know to do is clean and organize.
Anora will be home any moment... God bless