Sep 17, 2008

New Pajamas

Well in my wealth of time I've made Anora a pair of pajamas. It's taken 3 days. 1 for cutting and 2 for sewing. I think they turned out well. They are actually a prototype for 2 pairs I'm making for my friends Betti and Jodi.
Betti & Jodi, what do you think? This is 1 full size too big for her, but I planned it that way.
Safe travels, God Bless.

Sep 13, 2008

Wow, when?

Just how long ago did I last blog? It took seeing another friend post a much wanted update to remind me.
There hasn't been a lot going on. So you haven't missed much.
We're into school full time now, and full days. I've decided the school wasn't trying to get into ease the kids into school, but us moms. It takes some getting use to. We had a little bout with accidents, and then recovered with help from the teacher and aid. Then last week we thought we had a little set back. But it was just a bad day. She had an accident, a kid pick on her, and just didn't feel well. A fully bad day. She came home and just went to bed. I felt bad for her. But she seemed fine for the next 2 days. I feel bad for kids dealing with change.

Tuesday was our first day for Moms4Moms. I didn't find it very relaxing. I felt harried trying to keep all my precious caregivers happy, changing rooms around, and getting the building ready and cleaned up. Angie who had done it all before,was very under appreciated! I was missing her as a friend, but now I miss how much work she did too. But I was surrounded by all my friends in my craziness.

I'm also endeavoring into a new project. Making Pajamas. I'm trying to use a pattern to make 2 sets, and then I'm making Anora a set to practice on . I'm having fun so far, but I think I'm slow. It has taken me a whole day to get the pieces cut out.

God bless your week