Oct 13, 2008

An immperfect mommy

We went out to an event and dinner with some friends recently. We took Anora. She’d been behaving so well lately, I didn’t think too much of it. But unfortunately I never stopped long enough to consider her feelings or that she was in desperate need of a nap. She was so tired; she couldn’t control her body or emotions. I was completely embarrassed.
The last time she acted that way in front of company, I was called out on it. Though they said they understood, they really didn’t. They believed that this behavior was common in our house, and wasn’t accepted well.
Now, months later she has behaved the same. And though they are good friends and I believe they understood, I’m gun shy and embarrassed. As the night continued and her behavior escalated, I got more embarrassed and upset.
Finally the next morning I could think a little clearly. I was so worried about what people thought of my parenting skills and my household, and my family; I was blaming Anora for my embarrassment. I was, and have been for months, expecting her to be perfect all the time, no matter her mood. That wasn’t fair. If I keep expecting perfect all the time, and I keep getting so worked up, I’ll maker her as neurotic and Jeremy and I are. And I want better for her. I don’t want her thinking, “what will other people think” all the time. Or “no one can see my faults”.
I have apologized to Anora for taking her out when she didn’t want to, and to our friends, for my frantic behavior. And I’ve asked God to help me relax.
I pray you accept your kids’ faults; I’ll try.

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