May 31, 2008

Such a big girl.

Things are either dull or too busy around here.

On Tuesday, we had our last large group of Moms4Moms. It will be Anora's last M4M other than some summer play dates.

Thursday Anora helped me watch a neighbor's daughter. We had a ton of fun. By the end of the day, Anora was pretty jealous and ready to have me all to herself again. But it was a ball! It takes Anora at least a day to stop acting like a 2 year old.

Friday was Anora's big day. First it was her last day of school celebrated by a picnic lunch, and Mommy got an extra 1/2 hour all to myself. So I got the shell of a quilt done for a pregnant friend.
Then in the afternoon Grandma & Grandpa came and we all went to Anora's graduation. It lasted all of 1/2 an hour. But was great. They sang some songs and got diploma. They they went nuts and played in the gym.
Today, Saturday, we went to her friend's 4th birthday party. I was scoping out all the younger kids, seeing them as all Anora's future classmates. I think she'll be fine. She's a little more advanced than them, but they have a year to catch up. It was a great day though, simon says, duck-duck-goose, cake and playing, and more cake, and pulling a wagon. What more could you want?
Here is video and a slide show. The words are a little hard to understand, but it was just adorable. Anora is in all pink at the end of the closest group.

May 26, 2008

You'd think...

You'd think with a 3 day weekend I'd have more to report. I hosted a small breakfast at church on Sunday, Jeremy and Anora helped me prepare on Saturday for that. And I went to a 1st birthday party for a friend of mine, it was totally cute.

Notice that would be something Anora would love going to, but I didn't mention her going. She was in punishment Saturday morning while Jeremy and I worked outside. When I came in to tell her she could be out of punishment, she had locked the cat in the bathroom. I let the cat out and overlooked the transgression. Anora scampered off to get dressed and meet us outside. Sometime between scampering off and actually getting outside she shut the cat in our bath tub and shut the doors. Short memory? We were gone a few hours, before we came home and found the cat in the tub! She didn't get to go to the birthday party as a result.

She has just 2 more days of preschool left, and Friday is her graduation. I hope to take a lot of photos.

Bless you all.
I know 2 teen boys who are emotionally lost and looking for purpose. Please pray for a teenager. Being a teen stinks, you want purpose, but you don't have enough experience to know what all is out there, and not enough freedom to find out. And pressure from family and friends tugging opposite ways.

May 19, 2008

Changing seasons

OH, the changes. Those who know me even a little, know I don't deal well with changes. And it is that time of year, there are changes everywhere!

Today is the last Monday Anora will attend preschool. Next Friday she has a little graduation. Then she'll be home for the summer, and I'll once again have my constant helper. Anora, not just God. To break up the boring days I'm planning activities for everyday. She'll learn, have projects, and play with friends. I anticipate this lasting all of 2 weeks. I always start the summer with ambition, and too soon after she has memorized all the PBS cartoons and their schedule.

Tonight is the last meeting of my couples bible study for the summer. We'll see each other in passing on Sundays. And if plans go well, we'll meet a couple times over the summer. But it's sad to me to not see these parent figures and friends every week for fellowship.

Jeremy has announced that he will actually have work to do this summer. Not only that, but the busy time is upon us. He'll be here less. But after this slow time, I'm ready for him to be busy at work.

Moms4Moms meets just one more time next week. And there will be a large group of women I'll lose contact with. And instead of seeing the women I've become good friends with, every Tuesday I'll just get to see them a couple times a month.

A friend I've come to know, respect, and cherish her honesty, will be moving within the month. (This description doesn't do her justice, but she is hard to put into words.) I'm not looking forward to that change at all! Along with her goes her 4 kids. A real cool wise boy, who can talk to me like I'm not a yucky grown up. A silly boy who can put a smile on my face, and be Anora's future husband. Her daughter who is a great example to Anora, and doesn't treat Anora like a baby, despite the fact she's 6 months younger than Anora. And lastly her youngest son. He can talk up a storm, and cuddle up with you (having cookies helps).

But we'll add in the library activities and trips to the park, and I'll see another whole group of women and friends.

The bigger picture though, despite not seeing good friends often, I'll have God by my side the whole time. He's not going anywhere, he's unchanging. I'll grab a hold of that and hang on while my little world spins out of control.

May 12, 2008

Mothers day weekend

Anora marched in a parade on Friday. She was so excited she was speechless. It was far too short though. Just about 5 blocks. But she had Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa all watching. And then Grandma & Grandpa came to our house to for lunch.
Saturday was the day we celebrated 'Mommy Day'. We went shopping a little and then came home to smoked ribs! One of my favorites. And Jeremy has gotten so good as smoking ribs!
Sunday we just enjoyed a quiet day and then went out to Chineese buffet. Yum. Two days in a row I didn't have to cook!

I'm am not very good at social graces, most people would agree. And maybe this is the wrong place for this, but it's the best I can do. I hope the right person sees it.
We received a large amount of money in the mail. I checked around and it appears to be a gift not a mix up. So all I can say is it's a gift from God. Thank you so much. It has relieved a large burden on us. We're still not swimming in it, but it has lifted a weight. Thank you so much for caring and loving us. I hope, though we don't know who sent it, we can return the favor and love.

Pray for someone you care about.

Parade pictures

May 9, 2008


We have a fun day and weekend to look forward to. I hope to have lots of pictures.
Anora is in a Kid's parade today. She's so excited she can barely get the words out. She even invited Grandma & Grandpa. They'll be here. And then tomorrow they come back to celebrate Mother's day. And with any luck Sunday will be quiet.

Work is picking up for Jeremy this week. Nothing in the was of a summer rush yet, but enough to make it worth going to work.

We'll keep you updated.

Oh, pray for husbands. They have such a tough time keeping, and know we're happy.

May 5, 2008

Not a lot new.

Jeremy took off the day for Thursday. While he worked on things at the church Anora and I had a fun experience. Our friend and pastor's wife, Betti, Anora and I took over May Day bags to the men and women at the Senior homes. I think Anora really liked it. The kids from Kids Klub at the church had made them. I wish they could all have helped us deliver them.

Then we got the sad news that one of our congregation had passed away. I didn't personally know the gentleman, I know his son and family. I quickly pulled together a light lunch for after the funeral on Saturday.

Friday Anora was scheduled to be in a Kid's parade. But the weather didn't cooperate. She was really bummed. But it is rescheduled for the coming Friday.
While I was at the womens' retreat I went to a small 1 hour workshop about the crown financial money plan. I learned a whole new way of budgeting. So Friday we sat down and paid our bills under this new plan. It was eye opening. We were able to put some money back into savings, and eat out a smidge. It's been a long time since we were able to do either. We have a little tweaking to the plan, but so far it looks helpful.

Saturday, Jeremy and Anora planted a bunch more garden, while I was at the funeral. I enjoyed being helpful and doing something to help the family.

Lastly on Sunday, we got out and enjoyed the great weather. We went fishing! Jeremy almost had one. And Anora had a lot of bites. She was too busy to notice though.

And a huge event at church. We were told there would be a meeting after church. I was nervous. I have my hands in so many things at the church, I was pretty sure the meeting would affect me. I was down right worried. But it turned out to be such a huge blessing! We had a member, and friend stray from church a few months ago. And while we prayed for her, and worried about her, she was making some troubling choices. But wow, she stood before the congregation and while the pastor spoke for her, she asked for forgiveness and to be welcomed back. I saw a lot of tears, and everyone lined up to hug her and her new husband. What an awesome thing to see, and be a part of. And what an answer to prayer! It had to take a lot of guts, and I think our congregation responded well.

And I know I shouldn't use the word pride, but I am proud of Anora. She sat down with someone hurting on Sunday at church, and colored with them. What a big heart! I didn't tell her to, she just knew. Maybe God told her. I hope she was a ray of sunshine for him, and his hurt.

We watched a new (to us) veggie tale movie too last night. It's called God Made You Special. It's a collection of some of the veggie tales we've seen before, but I think it made an impact on Anora. She is special, weather she's small or different, she is still made just right, the way God made her.

It was just about the perfect weekend, helping, relaxing, good news, and time together. I want more weekends like that.

Please pray that every kid knows they're special, and just the way God made them.