Jun 25, 2009

Glory be to God

So, I've been moping a little, waiting for a job. I've been thinking, I'm sure God has something for me, I just have to wait. I got tired of waiting a few time. But, God has chosen his time, and boy, has he delivered!
Yesterday I had a job interview. It was for sewing, and would've been a good steady job. I just didn't feel 100% about it though. I was considering turning it down if it was offered. Well this morning it was offered. Wow, what a gift, could I rightfully turn it down? I was pondering weather to take the offer or turn it down, when I got a call from a temp agency about 2 more openings I'd be qualified for. Oh, Boy. A bird in the hand or 2 in the bush. After getting a lot of advice and soul searching I had pretty much made up my mind. Then I got a call from the temp agency again, and I have an interview tomorrow! Wow! God is good, slower than I would like, but right on time and GREAT. So I called the sewing job and asked if they could wait another day for an answer. They couldn't wait, so I did turn them down. They were very big and professional about it.
I know God is great and he'll come though, I just needed a reminder of how big he is.
I'll keep you all updated on this crazy stuff.

Jun 24, 2009

oh, so much

So, I haven't posted for a while. It's been kinda crazy around here.

At the beginning of the month Anora had a week of VBS at the church up the hill. She liked it a lot. I think it was mostly because she liked the music, and it was new. I was able to keep the house clean and do my job hunting during that time.

Right after that (last week)we took a trip to Fergus Falls for the Church convention. Crazy week and it was only 5 days! We sat through meetings while Anora went to another VBS. But there were some big highlights. 1. The seminary people deffinately remembered us and welcomed us with open arms. 2. Learned a lot about our synod (church goverment). The people and the history, and the missionary work involved there is impressive. 3. We heard some of the best preaching ever. Each morning and each night there was an hour of good news. Just awesome! I was lit a new! 4. Town and the people reminded us of why we're doing all this crazyness. Several times we thought, can't we just buy "that house" and send for our things? Or, maybe we can stay a week and see how job hunting goes for me. But alas we came home. Tired, but ready to serve again.

I had my first job interview this morning. I think I'd like to work there, but I'm not willing to work 2nd shift, and they are primarily hiring 2nd shift. God's will, not mine.

This week has been tiring so far. With the heat 95degrees+78% humidity=105 heat index. Yuck. So in the morning, I've been letting Anora use the slip and slide for a while, and then we retreat to the (barely running) air conditioning. I've been trying to watch our energy bill and our green footprint so I have the air purposely turned to about 78-80. The house is a bit of a wreck though, I can't seem to keep it clean with Anora stuck inside air. Monday I tried something drastic, I used the neighbor's close line while catching up on a week's of laundry. So 5+ loads of laundry went out on a line. I'm unsualy anti-clothes line, but I saved a hot house, and energy. I might use one more often someday.

I'm missing my Moms4Moms friends, and missing the kids Klub kids. I like the business of a school year much better than the lonely business of summer. Well, it won't be long and it'll be done. I pray that your summer is going slower than ours. Blessings rain down.

Jun 3, 2009

First day of summer

Well, I think the first day of summer was a success. Anora has already earned a sticker for the day for doing her chores. We haven't fought and she is just turning the tv on after lunch. I hope it keeps going so well. I even got my lawn and another mowed!

I went out Monday and put out numerous resume's, mostly to places not looking for help. But they were places I would want to work, craft stores mainly. That brings my total of applications and resumes to 31, and I've heard from only 3. With Anora home now though, I think most of the active looking will be online and interviews. At least till 1/2 way through July.

Thank you for praying.