Dec 22, 2008


So, Sunday night was the big pagent. Anora has been practicing for weeks. I and Jeremy have been vollenteering to help for weeks. And now, it's DONE! I was real sceptical if they could pull it off, but they did. Anora played Mary, and had 2 lines at the beginging. I appologize for the poor quality. Between low batteries, and a caring inexperienced friend, it didn't turn out too well.
All the kids did well. We had 2 boys get snowed away, drifted into their homes. They were missed.
I'm sure I'll have much more to report after Christmas. Anora is home for a couple weeks for the holidays. I'll have more time for updates when she stays at my folks'.
God bless, and stay safe in the snow.

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Penny Smith said...

Geez! This was wonderful!!
Way to go Anora!

Merry Christmas my Friend!!

ANd a VERY happy and healthy new year!!