Aug 21, 2010

This is the view of our back yard from our back door. Both of the garages are ours to use. There is a great little garden back there.

There is sunflower growing back there, planted by the home owners. It just fascinates me.

While here is the view from our front sidewalk. Those white boards down there is the skate rink for winter. the large grassy area has been used for soccer and football lately. And there is a large hill you can't see for sledding.

And here is the front of the house from where I park. Those are 20 stars from street to door. I'm losing some weight.

Aug 19, 2010


I need to start by apologizing for not writing more. I've been at my new job for 3 weeks now and have started training on the bookkeeping part of it. I'm still loving it, and I understand most of it. But there are still really simple things that still lose me.

Jeremy is studying right now for his Greek final tomorrow. He has unofficially passed already though, so that is a big load off.

We seem to be all healthy. And we've even had company! I'm excited to have a house large enough to entertain!

I'm making some co-worker friends, and Jeremy is getting to know and like some class mates. Anora has become friends with then neighbor girl and her dog.

We've moved the computer up to the dining room today. Seems a little easier to get to, less fighting over the television (previous computer monitor) and I can keep an eye on Anora's computer use a little easier. She has started liking computer games more and more.

Anora's 7th birthday is next Saturday already. We're expecting Jeremy's mom and step dad to arrive sometime before then. But no real plan on what we're doing for her birthday. But she has made a very clear very short list for us. So not much wiggle room. Zhu Zhu play house, an additional zhu zhu to go with it, and a specific computer game.

School for her doesn't start till Sept 7th!. So we have a while to wait for that, but that means more time for school shopping.

Big news that isn't gotten very far: Jeremy has a job too. Starting also Sept 7th he'll be an aide on the special needs bus. So yeah, 2 pay check family.

Blessings to you all!