Nov 3, 2008

tidy up a little

I don't have any major news, or anything fantastic to report. But I'll report none the less.
Saturday, we raked a few leaves, then went Christmas shopping. We got a lot of people taken care of. And we made arrangements for Anora to visit Grandma & Grandpa after thanksgiving, to finish the shopping. That Friday will be freakishly quiet. I'll have to find something to do.

Anora has been fighting a cough and sniffles since Wed, and finally Sunday it caught up with her. She couldn't find the will to get ready for church. And low and behold she had a temp of 102. So she and I stayed home from church yesterday. She slept a lot. Today she seems fine, but is home anyway. She's catching up on her cartoons. I'm hoping to get her some fresh air and call this illness done.

In a few days we're expecting Jeremy's mom. I can't wait. She is so understanding. And Anora gets a long well with her. I think it'll be fun.

Please pray for a friend and mentor.
God Bless you!

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