Mar 5, 2008


What a fantastic weekend. Friday Jeremy and I got a lot done. Jeremy had time to finish a saxophone for himself. Anora even got to play it a little. The sax is bigger than her.
Saturday we had to split up. Jeremy worked at a band contest in Savannah Ill. And Anora and I went to a birthday party for her little friend Taryn. The party was a gymnastics party. I can promise Anora has a lot more musical talent than gymnastics talent. That is one gift God did not giver her. I took my camera, but they were far away, and none of the other moms had cameras. I'm a big dork.
Then we treated ourselves to dinner. We had an Olive Garden gift certificate. We thought if we went late we wouldn't have trouble getting a seat. Boy, were we wrong. They told us 1 1/2 hour wait. Needless to say we didn't stay. Then we gorged ourselves on Chinese.
Lastly Sunday we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We took a super long walk. Anora wore her galoshes an splashed in every single puddle. The temperatures were in the 60's I think. It got us excited about getting the bikes ready. But we'll have to wait a while on that one.
My prayer request for today, umm, tougher one. Instead please say something positive to a young mind.

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