Mar 25, 2008

He is Risen,

He has risen indeed!
We started the weekend off a little slow. Jeremy didn't feel well, sneezy, grumpy and sleepy any thing but Snow White. But he rebounded a little for Sunday. We hid candy and her basket the night before. In the morning she was jazzed! He said "the Easter Bunny poops toys." He left a paddle ball, more on that later, jacks, candy, and chirpy chicks, and her favorite rocket balloons. I think she likes those best because mommy can hardly blow them up with out passing out. I'm more agreeable without oxygen. At breakfast I tried the paddle ball and smashed it right into my eye ball! No lasting effects, but it hurt! I'm not sure I want her to have it anymore.
We only did the last service at church so we didn't have to stress and hurry. I couldn't believe how full it was. We've gone on Easter morning for at least 3 years and this was the fullest by far. I love seeing strangers at church! I bet there were maybe 3 seats open spread out through the whole church.
Then we went and saw the family in Onlsow Community Center. It was small, but my cousin Dave and his family was there. I hadn't seen them since their baby shower, well 4 years ago. Their daughter Allie is Anora's age. Anora and her played so well! It was great! I hope they come back a lot more. I felt rushed the whole day though. And before long Jeremy looked ready to crawl back into bed. So we went home.
Overall it was a great weekend! I just Jeremy had felt up to enjoying it.
Today was Moms 4Moms. I felt like I did a lot, but my spirit was stirring and anxious to get out and share. I opened us in prayer and I led the bible study. It was so terrific to hear a roomful of intelligent, caring women talk about goodness. I love this group, in so many ways. They're thought provoking, role models, partners in the trenches, show me how to trust and care. I leave ready for another week or two.
Pray today that everyone finds friends like these.

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