Mar 31, 2008

Oh, my big girl!

I just delivered Anora to her future elementary school! I was a little freaked out last night preparing paperwork, but not nearly as hysterical as a couple of weeks ago. I was a little worried about the dropping off and worried about Anora chickening out. I called a mom that's daughter went to round up on Friday. I felt so much better after that.

But this morning she got up a little early, ate (very little) breakfast, and got dressed, and even had a little time to watch a cartoon. I told her the one and only thing she had to worry about, it to have fun. She rode to school very quietly. We parked, lots of spots to choose from. And she told the school helper, her name. And then told the teacher her name. She hugged and kissed me and looked, concerned, but brave! I hope she's having a great time, and I hate to say it, but I hope she's holding her writing tool right. I leave soon to pick her up. I'll update you then on how it went.

Well, we're home. Nervous excitement has turned into cautious apprehension. The teacher said she is a candidate for prekindergarten. I knew it was a possibility, but had gotten my hopes up a little. They sent home an evaluation and it was disappointing. I don't know if she's nervous or if they were pickier than we were ready for. I guess we now wait and find out what happens next. My irrational fear is that they'll have too many kids in the pre k and tell her to come back next year. But I guess if they do, I've got her home another year and I home school. Problem with that is, she's already smarter than me.
A friend of mine called right away, and she has the same worries I do. I take solace that I'm not alone. I'll just keep telling Anora how good she did.

Please pray for all nervous moms.

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llfrobish said...

Not to downplay any of your parental concerns, because we all have them at different times for different reasons. Remember that Anora is not only in your hands, but in God's. Why wouldn't God want to bless her and keep her, make her path straight, and have her right where she needs to be when she needs to be there. We all agree that Anora is a intelligent, amazing little girl regardless when she officially starts school. I can't find the NT scripture reference to remind you that God is a God of perfect timing.. He is never late, but always right on time (his time of course!) This isn't it, but maybe Ecc. 3 will help? We love you guys!