Feb 29, 2008


This week Jeremy started working new hours. He has been working 10 hour days, 7:30-6 with Fridays off. So today was his first 'at home Friday'. We took Anora to school, more on that, and then we got groceries and did a little shopping. It was so nice to have a little help. I could keep shopping while he waited for the meats. And when I forgot something, he could just go back for it. And I didn't have to stand there and try to decide 'what would Jeremy like'? I could just ask him. Anora is completely jazzed to have him here too. I grumbled all week about the idea of him working till 6, cause he doesn't get home till 6:45. That doesn't leave much time at night to get to our engagements. But I totally admit having him home on Fridays is really nice and just might be a good trade off. He can spend the mornings with us and work or play in the garage all afternoon.
Anora went back to school today. 2 illnesses and a lot of snow days in one short month make school feel like a rare event. She's back on antibiotic for an ear ache though. But she's smiling and is excited again. It's nice to see. But she's laying in bed coughing right now. Not so good to hear. It was hat day, we'd hate to miss hat day.Tomorrow she has a friend's birthday party. It's at a Gymnasium. She's real excited!
Just one day of normalcy and the addition of Jeremy home, has done wonders for my mental health too. I feel ready to live again, as long as I can have a cough drop too.
I must say, It's 47degrees out side and the sun is shining bright. Water is running down the street around the glaciers. The Weather girl used the made up word of Melty this morning. I like it. MELTY.

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