Mar 11, 2008

1 step down, numerous added

So tonight was the big parent meeting regarding Kindergarten and Round up. Ahhh. It starts with a gym/cafeteria full, totally full of parents. A line reaching across the school and finding out that they wanted a bunch of paperwork we didn't have and didn't know they wanted. Social Security card, birth certificate, immunization records. I didn't have any of that tonight! I checked what I had and nothing I could find said they wanted it either. The principal, nurse, and guidance councilor seemed real nice. The secretaries were a little edgy. And I found a common trait of Kindergarten teachers, they were all real quiet. I could barely hear, and when I'm not prepared I get real nervous and uptight. And after going through a packet of information they gave us it was over, it lasted about 1/2 hour. Ahhh relief.
But in that packet they added about a million things to my list. An eye exam, proof she's been tested for lead, along with the things I didn't turn in. It took me another 1/2 hour to make a list and schedule all the stuff I need to make schedules for. The biggest surprise, but very important to add to my list, she needs to practice using an auto potty. They have automatic flushers and she, like most kindergartners don't like them.
Anora made us second guess the whole thing all night though. First she wouldn't go play in the media room with the rest of the kids. Grr. Ok fine. Then I checked the 2nd time, "last chance to go potty, Nope! " You'll have to be very quiet and very still so mommy and daddy can pay attention" Right away she was fidgety, so I broke out the snacks and drink, I really thought we should be past that by now. Then she nagged and insisted she had to poop. Finally when the excused us, she and I went looking for a potty, you know the automatic flushing ones. She walked in, it flushed, she peed and jumped off. I said, go poop. Nope, so an argument ensued! Back to a very angry daddy standing in a very long line. Guess we'll be practicing with automatic toilets.
The best part of the night though, we asked one of the teachers, just where are the kindergarten rooms? She personally took us for a quick tour to find them, and let us see her room. They're huge! 3x's bigger than my kindergarten room. And it's in a wing kinda secluded from the rest of the school. I like it a lot. And I liked that teacher.
Jeremy being there was helpfull, I knew he had my back. And sitting with my friends Sarah, Amy, and Heather was a comfort too. And I recognized a lot of the parents, well the moms anyway. It's going to be a pretty big class. A lot of parents to get to know. Well I guess I have 12 or 13 years to get to know them.
Please pray for all nervous moms

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