Mar 15, 2008

Busy week

It's been a couple days since I last reported in. But we've been real busy. Thursday our neighbors came over for a couple house. We had a good time, and Anora and the little girl played way better than I expected from Anora. She took some of Anora's hand-me-downs too. I love recycling.
Then that night Jeremy brought home a new (to us) keyboard. It's really nice. And he even bought lesson books. We're totally jazzed and got a terrific deal on it! And, here's the best part, it fits on the living room.
Today we started the day today by coloring eggs. She did it last year, but this year she had a million questions. And she was so excited she had a hard time waiting for the directions.
Then after lunch I cut Jeremy's hair. Today was the first time we left it a little long and used scissors. One of usually just uses the buzzers on his head. I think it turned out ok. He seemed happy with it. And while I was cutting his hair Anora decided she wanted hers cut. She said she wanted it short, and boy did it get short. I made a pony tail and cut it off. It was like 4 inches. Jeremy says he likes it, but I feel a little bad its just so short. And I think there are a few long spots that could be shorter.
Then we uncovered the camper. I didn't get any pictures of it, but it looks great. Like spring. Unfortunately it was only about 38 degrees when we did it.
Look below to see our slide show of the week.
Please praise Jesus all week for his sacrifice for us. Happy Palm Sunday.

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