Mar 19, 2008

Ahh, kids

My head has been spinning all week. I've got the marbles to quit rolling long enough to catch y'all up.
Monday was just a weird day. The morning went well, Jeremy even checked in during the day and got a great report. But after nap time, it was like a hurricane hit, or Jekyll came to visit. I can't even remember all the details, it's all a blur of time outs and spankings. Then I really thought I cracked, no really. Anora had a drink she was trying to set on the new keyboard, so I corrected her and started to explain why we can't put drinks on electronics. She whipped around and started to argue (again) and the lights went out and I heard a pop. I really wondered if I broke. A blink later I realized she had spilled her drink (chocolate milk) and it had splashed onto the plug in. All the outlets in the living room were dead. Ahh ! TV, DVD, and piano. I had to send her out of room quickly. I called Jeremy, on his way home, in a panic. He made me switch off the breaker because it didn't seem to switch. Picking up the pace, we went to the hardware store and $30 later, we found out one of the living room plugs was ground fault and had tripped. All we had to do was hit a reset button. It was an awful night.
Yesterday was still a blur of timeouts. I don't know what has gotten into her, but I take solace in the fact that's most kids right now.
But the day ended on a pretty good, no, great note. We had her preschool teacher/parent conference. The teacher said she is doing fine, even good academically. A few things need some work, mostly stuff I never thought of really. But, the downside wasn't as bad as I had braced myself for. She plays along side kids more than with them. She doesn't like talking to kids. That wasn't news to us. But the teacher gave us a lot of help on what to do about it, and how to work on everything. The biggest thing I was shocked by, and a little convicted by, was that she couldn't really tell the teacher what shy meant. So the teacher just told her, if she didn't know what it meant, she shouldn't try to be shy. Okay, that seemed to mean something to Anora.
Today we got out to the park for the first time in '08. A little chilly but so worth it. Anora has been behaving so much better! And hold on to your hat, she played and talked with another girl! I couldn't believe it. The girl was probably around 8 years old or so, but Anora started bossing her around. She didn't have to be shy anymore. Will it last? Maybe, but I'm not going to tell another person she is "shy".
I even got a plan for the summer to work with her on what all the teachers want her to work on. And hopefully I won't get lazy and let her watch TV all day.

Please pray for all the kids heading out to the playgrounds in the next few weeks, and their broken bones. I'm guessing this is the year of our fist cast.

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