Mar 22, 2008


Things are very quiet and slow here. Jeremy is on his 3rd day of feeling sick with sinus goop. So we're doing very little.
Tomorrow we're suppose to go to church and see my family to celebrate Easter. With Jeremy under the weather we'll have to see how that goes.
Yesterday though, we cut into our budget, we took a hack saw to it. We got new prepaid cell phones and canceled our satellite. Saving us $100/month or so.We also changed our anniversary plans a little. Instead of a whirlpool room all 3 nights we reduced it down to 1 night, and moving into a cheaper room after that, saving a $100 for the hotel. We're about out of things to cut out and change though.
We're starting to plan our 10 year anniversary too. We're going to a nice hotel in Michigan City, IN. Do a little sight seeing, swimming, window shopping, tour a music factory, and just relax. It's a 2nd honeymoon! I just can't wait.
He has Risen!

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jlcagle said...

Michigan City is pretty cool. You'll have to check out the lighthouses and walk along the beach in the evening!