Apr 2, 2008

Friends and traveling.

I want to thank everyone who e mailed and called to reasure me, I've got a good kid, and she'll be just fine. And Most importantly, that God is doing what is needed, weather it was my idea or not. I hope they will take her at school, but I'm much more relaxed and accepting, remembering God is in control loves her.
Tomorrow we leave on our trip to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! We've made it longer than a lot of people already, and I would do it all over again. I've got the best guy in the world, smart, patient and kind. A man that loves God, and is growing fruit. I can't believe God loved me enough to deliver Jeremy into my life when, I didn't acknowledge God. He has kept me out of trouble and has made me want to be a better woman and wife. Stood by me when I was lost. Wait am I talking about God or Jeremy anymore?

God bless you all you friends and family.

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