Feb 26, 2008

Curled up with a warm... computer?

Today is the 3rd annual 'Shannon watches trade deadline' For the last 3 years I've sat by my computer and listened to hockey's coverage of the trade deadline. I then bug all my fellow hockey fans with e mail updates. Keeping them from working, but keep them up with their favorite players.
I really enjoy it. It's something I understand, that not everyone does. A little rush is involved when you have a fantasy team too. Will my fantasy team change with the movement of one of my players?
This year I'm wondering and researching what will happen to the metro mommies when my Brad Richards goes from Tampa Bay to Dallas Stars.
And though he's not on my fantasy team, Wade Belak is the physical defender of my favorite team Maple Leafs. Well, he was, now he's on a flight for Florida Panthers. What does this mean for the leafs? will they be weak? Will other physical teams roll right over us now with no precautions?
It seems I have a lot less people to e mail this year. In the last 6 months I've lost 3 of my favorite hockey fans due to them moving away. Sad :-( Thats what you get when you count on your husband job to make friends.
On the mommy front, I'm not feeling as confident or happy. Anora woke up feeling great. Her fever was gone, and she was on top of the world. The end was in sight. I was telling her that she could go to school and Kids Klub tomorrow. I spoke too quickly. While eating a few bites of lunch her temp jumped over 100 again. NOOOOO. I get to look forward to another day stuck in the house. I have to bow out of helping at the church with a few things too. I hate changes in the plans. I know Anora is just as frustrated, and wouldn't be sick if she could help it. But it's still frustrating not being able to change it.
And just when I feel like I must run out of the house screaming and crying. Jeremy sends me an e card thanking me for the job I'm doing. You gotta love a man with timing. Giving me just enough motivation to stay put and keep my sanity for a few more hours.

Please pray to God for a Dr. who will cure the flu and then the common cold.

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