Feb 27, 2008

My girl is back

Well it seems like the longest 5 days, but the health of my house is looking better. Anora hasn't had a fever at all today. And though being a little spoiled by all the attention. And a little grumpy from the scattered sleep she has been a good girl. We've moved some of her toys around the house today and played a little. I'm looking forward to getting us both out of here tomorrow. Fingers crossed and pray to God, neither of us get bad again. We both still have a little runny nose. And I have a rare, but powerful cough. I'm ready to go, anywhere!

Also an update from several days ago. I made Anora a Purple Pillow. It has been a success. She's asked for Pink back a couple times, but she knows she'll get it back when she's old like me.

Please pray for my friend that is having some medical tests done, good luck Bob.

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jlcagle said...

That is wonderful!!!!!!! =)