Feb 25, 2008

Where is spring

I need to get the windows open! Actually I have a couple open anyway. Its 64 degrees in the house and 32.4 outside and falling. I seem to be on the mend. But I've moved from patient to nurse. Anora has now come down with the flu (or what ever it is.) It seems to be short lived. So we may be able to avoid the Dr. But Anora is missing school today, but she is too tired to care. According to Jeremy, a lot of my church congregation was out Sunday sick. I have a feeling we passed it all around Wed at the lent service. The price we pay for being socialites. ;-)

We have some weather threatening us again. After a beautiful weekend I didn't get to enjoy, we're expecting 6-8 inches of snow, AGAIN. I'm tired of ice, and snow, and stocking caps (tukes) and closed houses.

On a separate note I must talk hockey a little. One of my favorite players is all the talk in hockey circle this week. Mats Sundin has produced the most points for the Leafs this year along with my fantasy team Metro Mommies. He has produced 25 points already this season on Que for a 50 point season, which awesome. And to top it off he is the captain at 37 years old. He has played with the leaf almost, if not all, his career. And now that the Leafs are in trouble the want to sell him off the the highest bidder to get new younger players the next few years. Sound familiar, sell or fire the high price good guy for more less experienced players. But here is the thing. He has a no trade clause. That means he has to give his permission to be sold to some other team. And he's not doing it. I see it as company loyalty. He lives there, and works there, he doesn't want shipped off to somewhere else. Good for him. This is exactly why player have this clause. They don't want to play for just anyone. They want the option of staying. I don't think it's fair for the Leafs and the media to keep nagging him to leave "for the good of the losing team" He is the only good, with the exclusion of the goalie, on the team right now. Don't throw him away respect and celebrate his loyalty.
Keep travelers in your prayers today, namely Jeremy.

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