Feb 22, 2008

Pink Pillow

The story of the blankie. Probably 3 years ago now, Anora was given a blanked from her Great Aunt Mary. Simple but pink, and large. She loved it right away.
When she got good at walking she would cover her head and pretend to be a pink ghost. After she hit too many walls and kept tripping over it, it got reduced to about 3foot square. When we got tired of taking it everywhere we turned it into a Pink Pillow, and a doll.

The doll became too precious to carry around all the time. Finally we found an opportunity to take it away and stash it. She had left it in a hotel room as we were checking out. Despite the fact that we found it on a final sweep of the room, we let her think it’s gone.

Now we have also added Pink Heart for traveling, camping, and a back up to the Pink Pillow.

But she has said recently that she wants a new Pink Pillow but that it should be purple-Pink Pillow this time. Pink Pillow has been washed a lot, isn’t soft or fuzzy anymore. It’s a little like looking at the winner of the ugliest dog competition.

So today I’ve bought the materieal and lace to make a purple Pink Pillow. I’m sure she’ll like it. But it won’t feel or smell like PinkPillow, thank goodness. We’ll have to see if she’ll love it as much. And even more dangerously, will she give up old Pink Pillow.

Wish me luck on this daunting task.

Praise the lord for sunshine and melting.

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