Feb 24, 2008

I'm sick

I'm not a woman who get sick easily. I can usually tough it out and pretend nothing is wrong. I think most moms are that way. But not this time. It hit me hard Friday night. I started coughing and having asthma symptoms. I figured the cat just needed washed and that I must have forgotten to take my allergy medicine. But I woke up Sat with a fever and an terrible cough. My head was banging and it felt like it was floating 2 feet above my body. I napped a lot. Bless Jeremy, he took care of everything for me. And again this morning I woke up with a fever. I can't decide if I'm cold or hot. I just feel gross. I feel like a walking contaminate. I keep standing up to do something, laundry or dishes or something and am too dizzy.
I feel useless. Jeremy wants me to go to the Dr. I like my Dr, but I still hate admitting I need one.
I have been including a prayer note in all my post. I ask you to pray for people who are far more sick than myself.

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