Feb 21, 2008

Suddenly Crazy

Well, I can't beleive it. I have been married for 10 years (nearly) and have lived in the same house for 7 year, and have been a mom for 4 years. In almost 3 years my schedule consisted of 1 thing. Anora. Wake her, feed her, drive her, entertain her, train her. But now in the last few months I found something. A life! I think I can trace it back to the church, leading to the harder drug called of 'moms4moms'. I got addicted to it and now have made (sharp inhale) friends. I've gone from doing nothing, and thinking it was a waste of a good shirt to get dressed, to going out nearly 3 times a week.
Tuesday "m4m" leaders meeting, last night Kids Klub and Church and tonight a friend's house!
3 reasons to be dressed, not including the grocery store! Granted I take Anora to preschool 3 times a week, more on that later, but sleeping pants and a stocking cap are just fine for that.
I can't wait, adult (not R rated) conversation and showing at looking at wedding pictures and old hair dos.
I still love my sleeping pants and often choose to still wear them, but you might actually catch me accelerating to (another deep inhale) wearing make-up! What kind of crazy fast pace living is this?
You know, I think I found something else too. It's under my nose, a smile.

Now back to preschool. We're paying a lot (in Wilson terms) for her preschool and yet she has missed like 4 of the 7 available days this month already due to the community school canceling or being 2 hours late start. Great for them, but I'm still paying for that. I don't pay by the day, but by the month. She and I have both made friends through the school, and as Master Card says that "priceless", but it sure cost a lot of mullah while she watching way too many cartoons. But I guess that complaint is all over the Midwest this snowy, icy year.

Please pray for the people wrapped up in the Serbia, Kosivo uprising.

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