Jun 5, 2008

out of school

Well it's 3 days and counting. And it has been very interesting. Today is the first day Anora hasn't asked if we're going to school today.
We've done a lot of things. She helped me clean the Sunday school rooms at church, visited the playground of her new school, and then helped make decorations for Vacation Bible School (vbs). I have a lot of things planned. But we've also had a lot of time outs, and a new unique punishment.
She is still having a lot of wetting accidents, just because she doesn't want to go when we tell her, but she won't go on her own either. Several wise mom's said just let it do herself and it'll turn around, doesn't work for Anora. She likes washing her own pants, and doesn't mind wetting herself. So she knows enough letters to write "ITS NOT OK TO PEE ON ME" I made her do it 5 times. We worked on letters and subliminal messaging and torture of sitting that long, all at the same time. It was torture for both of us at one time, but I think I would do it again.
In my free time, I've been trying to figure out and set up, with Jeremy's help, a new computer music system. We're replacing one that starts with an "i" cause it's too hard on the computer, it freezes up too much. This new one is so much better! But it's made for people who speak computer. So there were a lot of thing I didn't understand at first. But I'm really liking it. We listen to podcasts a lot, but sometimes we get behind on them. With the new one we can preview it before we download it. Saving us a ton of disk space. And the new one we can make look how we want. It has all kinds of nifty gadgets. And works with both of our music players. I'm excited and it hasn't crashed anything yet.

Please pray for VBS and all the kids attending one. May God speak loud shouts of joy to them.

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