Mar 1, 2010

Life's bumps

Back on 2/16 we got some disheartening news. The seminary Jeremy has been planning on attending this summer has discontinued their bachelors program. Whoa, now what? The first week we both just walked around wounded, slightly hunched over holding our stomachs. This past week I was in full problem solving mode, I searched, googled, and dug up info on other seminaries and colleges.
Today the skies seem to be clearing. Things are far from solved, but at least we have some possible solutions. I'm willing to have hope in the future again.
We will be traveling to F.F. Mn this weekend to meet with some families and staying with good friends. We strongly considered not going, but I'm looking forward to it again.
Please pray for our future, and that God will surprise us with some open, welcoming doors.
Now that I can even admit what is going on, I'll try to keep all of our friends and family updated.

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