Jul 13, 2010

Open house please sell my house!

We had our first, and hopefully only, open house this last Sunday. We had a good turn out 10 prospects signed in. Only couple of kids were looking for their 2nd time with their parents. They're still working on getting the money though, have a lot of paper work to do yet. Keep praying ! We had 2 showings today too! Though we haven't heard how they went I'm hopeful.

That is, coincidental, my key word for the month HOPE. As we were leaving MN this last trip I was all a fret about the house and plans and money. And the sigh for Hope MN came into view. "OK God, I got hope, your kind of hope"

We have a going away party at our church on Sunday. They've all been quite the support system to us for the last 6 year. I'll need the tissues handy!

Thursday 7/16 is my last day at work. Don't need the tissues handy for that farewell.
And 7/23 we pick up the moving truck and fill it! We'll pull out of town on 7/24~! Yikes.

Just hanging onto HOPE.

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